Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Am Just The Messenger

Never have I received so much negative response to something I had posted, and the time frame for this response has only been hours: Iran: Diabolical Prisoner Tactic, February 19, 2012. And please let me answer the most asked question posted towards me: Are you some type of crazy person?, or words similar in meaning, but with more hostile intent. 

Answer: Yawn. Yawn. I am just the messenger. I believe that I am in control of my mental faculties, but then on the other hand, if I am not in control, as a certified crazy person, how would I be able to make a rational decision about my own mental fitness? Dumb question for sure..... So let me explain what I do know, and maybe that will be of some help in ascertaining if the posting, Iran: Diabolical Prisoner Tactic, holds any rational merit.

Iran wants to establish a Caliphate, a system of political unity between Islamic nations, and so desires to be the leader of this political and religious system of Sharia law. In order to position itself in this role, Iran desires to destroy Israel, totally. To do such would position Iran in the leadership role of a renewed Caliphate. Right now, Iran and its allies, are engaged in a slow strategy to conquer Israel using: "death by ten thousand cuts". And in a bid to "ramp-up" this slow strategy, Iran is trying to force Israel into making an attack, thus giving Iran the sympathy of the worlds nations. The only problem with this strategy is that Israel must be separated from the defense of the America military, and the American people. So this is where Iran is at this time. It is engaged in destroying the support of the American people, in the hopes that Israel will have to make a solo attack, about which Iran doesn't worry because without the direct support of the U.S. military, Israel just frankly does not have the "knock-out punch" needed for a quick win, and a call for peace from Iran. This "Diabolical Prisoner Tactic" might just be propaganda to dissuade the youth of America from standing behind Israel. And without potential young soldiers, the American military is "top heavy", and doesn't have enough raw recruits to wage war against anyone. Please note that the opinion expressed is just one mans opinion, and that this one man may be mentally deranged. 

Lord Howard Hurts

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