Sunday, February 19, 2012

Iran: Diabolical Prisoner Tactic

Please understand that I receive many email "Tips" from persons purporting to be telling the truth on issues that concern America everyday. Most of course are nothing more than "dream works" by persons having fun with Lord Howard Hurts. Some seem reasonable, and I post only the ones that I deem a reasonable possibility. Here is something that passes my test:

Iran has prepared new tactics to defend against an all assault from both Israel and the U.S. This tactic might just in fact alter the way all warfare is waged in the future. This tactic is diabolical, and holds much merit as it could both disrupt the enemy's willingness to engage in combat, and at the same time, impairer the enemy's cohesiveness as a united fighting unit. It is nothing less than pure thinking "out of the box" brought about by modern technology. 

Iran Prisoner, Option Tactic

Iranian military leaders are aware that they are at a distinct disadvantage should the U.S. join Israel in an attack. Israel by itself posses no real problem because Iran has the ability to muster a massive retaliatory attack, and with the help of Arab nations, can reduce Israel to burning rubble in a matter of weeks. This new tactic is aimed at prisoners taken in action or otherwise, should the U.S. decide to help Israel in its attack. 

Prison camps are not a productive asset in the waging of war. They cost money and men to operate, and the prisoners are a constant source of resistance. Shooting all prisoners is not a workable solution from several standpoints. If a person knows that capture will positively result in death, then the number of persons fighting to the death will make overcoming the enemy that much harder. The negative mental aspect of shooting a prisoner, at close range, is something that effects everyone, the world over, and what is the value of soldiers that have mental problems caused by killing? Using this new tactic, Iran is going to work to capture as many prisoners as possible. The prisoners will be given the option of either letting medical staff laser their dominate eye, thus making them blind in one eye, or being put in a trench and shot. It is assumed that the majority of prisoners will opt for being made blind in one eye. The prisoners, after this procedure, will be set free and allowed to go home or where ever. Should they once again be caught fighting, the other eye will be "lasered", and they will then face the problem of getting home as a blind person. Tests have proved that this option will not be destructive to the mental wellness of the Irianian soldier. Remember when the "tank" was a joke? 

Lord Howard Hurts

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