Sunday, February 3, 2013

Well President Obama has finally produced a photo of him firing a gun. Interesting. But not quite convincing. He seems to want to convey to the Patriots of America that he does in fact engage in skeet shooting while at Camp David. The problem is that this photo is a SET UP, and another attempt to fool the "Blind Sheep" of America. You see the shotgun is being fired in a manner that says that the target is straight ahead rather than the approximately 45 degree angle that one would find had the shooter really be aiming at a "clay pigeon". When will the pretending stop? Fake goat herder father, a fake posted birth certificate, fake girlfriends, fake Christian, and  now on and on. Will the drooling media ever understand that "Disney World" is not a reality based destination? I bet President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is so scared after viewing Obama and his gun.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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