Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Only A Revolution Will Restore The Constitution

How long with the Patriots of this nation continue to work harder, and smarter, to pay taxes that are given to persons who want "Stuff", and who will vote for Democrats to get it? America has been transformed into a Banana Republic without the bananas. Recently, I read that the Obama Administration was asked to provide stimulus money to a company in Minnesota that wants to grow organic bananas. Difficult to believe? Well we already give assistance money to sugarcane growers in Florida so that they can grow a crop that needs a climate warmer than that of Florida to produce sugarcane consistently and cost effectively. The cost of production for sugarcane in the U.S. is much higher than that in countries with a warmer climate, but sugar is a much desired product, and U.S. sugarcane companies give money to Democrats and RINO's...... so this is why we have taxpayer subsidized sugar in America. Cane sugar is a product that better could be grown in places that have a warm climate, and where the labor force is available (Americans will not work in sugar cane fields, thus the field workers come from Haiti and Jamaica, and send much of their earning back to their home country). 

It is time to stop the taxpayer subsidies for farm products in America. These payments were instituted in the mistaken belief that this would be a way to keep farm income stable, and at the same time help the American consumer. History proves that these payments only increase the cost of these farm products, make it possible for large agricultural corporations to monopolize the markets by crowding out family farmers, and create over productions that are given to the so called "poor" as a bribe to continue voting Democratic or RHINO. Farmers need to play by the same rules of "Free Enterprise" that all other Americans play by. America can not have a two tier system of economics anymore than it can have a two tier system of criminal justice.......Wait........Congressmen and heads of large corporations seldom go to jail for crimes against law; regular Americans are held to a more strict interpretation of that even excludes the use of "ignorance" of a particular law as a reason for "breaking" the said stated law. And even though there are hundreds, upon thousands, of laws on the books, and it is virtually conceivable that every adult in America is breaking at least one such law, each and every day, because he, or she, is unaware that there is a particular law governing some phase of their daily life, these regular Americans are fined or go to jail while the Congressmen, and corporation heads, are excused for similar breaches of law. We can not have Freedom unless everyone is playing by the same rules. 

President B.H. Obama has not only promoted a two tier system of economics and criminal justice, but he has increased the "poor" so substantially, in the past 4 years, that it will be near impossible, in future elections, for anyone except a Democrat or a RHINO to be elected to federal office. It is for this very reason that I contend that only a Revolution will restore the Constitution as the "Law of the Land". Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

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