Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Answer To A Question Asked

I indeed thank you for your kind thought, but as a "converted" British subject, I don't believe that I could be of help to your great venture in restoring the Constitution as the "Law of the Land". It is not the older generation that we need to reach, but it is those under 20 years of age that need to be inspired and informed about Liberty, and the responsibilities of living in a nation ruled by laws not men. The education system of America has corrupted the youth, and now, if we want this nation to survive, it is time for our education system to restore the moral faith we have lost. This can only be accomplished if the Socialist, in charge of running our Federal government, are removed. Also, please keep on fighting this Marxist, Muslim, B.H. Obama, and maybe in time enough Patriots will understand that no Revolution, in the history of the world, was ever won by a majority. But "on the other side of that coin"..... no minority can win a Revolution without single minded determination. And in this respect, it is time for the Patriots of this nation to finally view the Republican Party for what it really is: "Democratic Party Lite". 

The past election of November of 2012 should serve as a clear example, to anyone, that Mitt Romney was not a real opposition candidate. He was the pick of the elite establishment (if you review my past posting, I picked Romney as the Republican candidate from the start, while others such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter, to mention a few, picked others and finally, after Romney won in the primary, decided that he was the "best" choice) that has run this nation for many, many, years, all the while pretending that there really is a difference between the two major parties. And should you believe me wrong, then tell me where is Mitt Romney today? Is he a voice of opposition to this Marxist Obama? Or did Mitt Romney lose the election and just "take his ball and go home?" No, if Mitt Romney was a true Patriot he would still be a force of opposition, and he would be planning for the next encounter with Democrats (even if he never planned again to enter politics. He said that our "Moral Compass" had been lost, and that he would help find it; but instead he returns to the White House after his defeat in the election, and makes some private "treaty" with B.H. Obama, and continues back to private life, deserting those who followed and believed in him). 

It is time for the Patriots of this nation to stop being "Suckers", and to take action against this deceitful, and corrupt, Republican Party. It is time for those who believe that this nation is truly a "Nation Under God" to move from the Republican Party and start a new party that believes in both God and the Constitution. I propose that this new party should be called Christian Democrats. By doing this, the Patriots of this country would be dividing the two factions of the Democratic Party (Republicans and Democrats), and immediately establishing themselves as the force needed for any Democrat or Republican to win an election. In time this new party would be able to become a contender in all elections, but from day one, this party would have "weight". Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

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