Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The End Is Nearing!

Tired of Obama? The end is nearing. Watch carefully what is happening in Greece. When Greece finally falls (the EU is still attempting to keep this from happening and exposing the real plight of the European economy, so this drama might continue for some 6 months or more).......Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy will begin their "teeter", and it will only be a short time after they begin that they will be involved in their own "death spiral", and the world wide economic crash will begin. And this is why I believe that the best, and fastest, strategy for the removal of B.H. Obama, and his Marxist Administration, is for the Republicans to vote for everything "Obama" (they are already, slowly, doing it anyway). When everything in America is "Obama" his future will be like that of a #1 movie star. He will fall out of grace at the hands of his own followers, and faster than the Burt Reynolds decline (Who is he?). As B.H. Obama begins his own "death spiral", First Lady Michelle Obama will stop vacationing on the taxpayers "sweat and tears", and evoke her greatest vocalization yet: "Barack, Let them eat cake!

Patriots please be aware that the Obama Administration already has prepared for this scenario. This is why they have purchased billions of rounds of ammunition and are so "hell bent" on removing guns from Americans even though the Second Amendment clearly states....... and was specifically written to prevent the Federal Government from thwarting the will of American citizens who just might be tired of the corruption, and the Socialist direction, that this Federal Government is now headed. Our military has the Constitutional duty to protect the Constitution, and to remove all those that subvert this "Law of the Land", regardless of whom they are..........but alas, the American military has over time, itself, been corrupted, and thus, it is now, also, in the position of subverting the Constitution. And this is why the Patriots of this nation need to be of one mind and action, and demand that Republicans vote for everything "Obama". Lets get the "snowball" rolling down the steep hill proposed by this corrupt Obama Administration. Doubtless, everyone alive knows the end result of such an occurrence. 

Patriots! Don't entertain a compromise on the rights afforded by the Second Amendment. It is not negotiable. To compromise is to grant the Federal Government license to bend and distort other Amendments. Force the Obama Administration, and Congress, to repeal the Second Amendment. Lets get all the cards on the table, face up, and see just what is "trump".

I will be leaving today for a trip to Scotland and hopefully return in a few days with some information that the media in America refuses to either investigate or print. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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