Monday, February 18, 2013

Joseph Farah, Please Read

Joseph Farah is asking for contributions from those who recognize that the Ten Commandments represent the glue that holds civilization together and is taking this campaign nationwide. He is utilizing the power of his WND to push this new campaign against an immoral America. But unfortunately, I must inform Mr. Farah that this is going to be no more productive than his "Where Is The Birth Certificate" attempt. And I had attempted to communicate with WND, at the time, that rather than make a question of validity of the Obama birth certificate, WND should have been asking for President Obama to provide the transparency he promised to America during his election campaign. I said to Mr. Farah that his billboards needed to make a direct statement such as: President Obama: 50% of America wants independent proof that the birth certificate you posted on the Internet matches the one in the vault in Hawaii.........Let Joseph Farah, and WND, have unrestricted access now, or logical minds must concluded that the posted birth certificate is a FRAUD and you are an USURPER!

Now here we are again with a billboard campaign that has no logical basis. Please, Mr. Farah, read my thoughts on this issue and THINK. 

America is a Christian nation. It was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and uses the Holy Bible as the foundation of faith. Rather than post the 10 Commandments on billboards all over the U.S., without any picture to excite the mind, it would be much better to take a passage from the Bible that mirrors the current issues at hand, and let there be a connect between a picture and potent words. America needs drama and America needs a visual pictation to stimulate the mind. My idea for billboards all over the U.S. would include a drawing of Jesus throwing the money changer out of the Temple. But instead of the Temple, it would be a picture of the U.S. Capitol (building), with an overlay of: Matthew 21:12, in dark blue colour, and under it: "Jesus Christ uses physical force to throw the money changers out of the temple. This was the only time during the the life of his ministry in which he used physical force against anyone." And the depiction of Jesus, on this billboard,  would be less "Viking King" and more realistic as to his birth family. Mr. Farah, it is time to be daring or this great nation will be lost forever! 
Lord Howard Hurts

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