Monday, September 22, 2014

The Physics and Philosophy of the Creator

Who is Lord Howard Hurts? Is he some delusional person hiding behind an "allegory" identity? Is there some substance that can be "reaped" from which he speaks? Does he hold "sway" with the future? Or is he just some joker, moving in the vapor of Johnny Walker wisdom? The handwriting is on the wall, but the "Blind Sheep", though possessing eyes, don't see; And seem not to be able to comprehend, even, should they see.

Man destroys the world because he kills the best. Hunters kill the biggest deer, bear, or fish. Loggers cut the biggest trees etc.

The Physics and Philosophy of the Creator

Everything evolves to a small degree. And this is where the promoters of evolution make their biggest mistake. They take this 'mole hill' of truth, and turn it into a mountain of nonsense. To do this revels the true mental illness of 'Deep Thinkers'. They not only suffer from an inferiority complex, but they exhibit their total inability to think in a rational and logical manner. 'Deep Thinkers' praise independent and radical thought, but abhor those that exhibit an equal and opposite point of view, even when that point of view is based on more 'foundation' than their radical thoughts. 'Deep Thinkers' also abhor the clan mentality of 'believers in a Creator', while praising those who believe in the theory of Creation by chaos. Their mental illness precludes them from the logic that all groups  are clans regardless if the reason for gathering together is real or imagined. "Do as I say and not as I do", is the creed of the evolutionists. This is not to say that because we are the product of a Creator that the Bible, or any other religious book for that matter, is the exclusive authority on human development or human behavior. The books of the Bible, and all other religious writings are the collective thoughts, fears, and history of the human product of creation, and reflect the intellect of the Creator. Thus, the Bible is the word of the Creator, but it is  not the direct expressed word of the Creator.

Does any rational human being alive today think that the Creator would desire us to slaughter young animals as a holy offering? No, the human experience is superior to all other life forms, plants, and animals. It is logical thus that all lesser forms of life were created to keep humans alive. Again, evolution and chaos can not logically explain the extreme difference between human life, and all other forms of life. As example: take the difference between talc, number one on the hardness scale, and diamond, number 10 on the same scale. The relative hardness of minerals from 1 to 9 are very closely related not just in number, but in actual hardness. Diamond, which is 10, is far and away harder than anything found with a 9 rating. In fact, it can be said that if a mineral is a number 9 on the hardness scale, diamond then should be rated at 1,000, not 10. And this is similar to the difference between human life and lesser life forms.

Further logical proof of existence having been the work of a Creator rather than chaos and evolutions is 'Free Will'. All life forms have 'Free Will' to a minimal degree, but it is only in man that it can be used to either create or to destroy life processes on Earth. Lesser life forms are unable to use 'Free Will' to change the world to any significant degree....... this being reserved for humans alone. 'Free Will' being further proof that all existence is the product of a Creator. Why? Because if everything was just the product of a random 'happening', 'Free Will' would be associated with other life forms, and not be exclusive to human life form (ability to make world changing events).

Think about this: There are two sides to each coin. How thin would one have to make a coin so that it had only one side? This is logical proof that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Nothing can exist by itself..... Male and Female. And for there to be existence there must be a balance. And for the world to exist there must always be a balance. Forces up always equal forces down.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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