Sunday, September 7, 2014

Romney Is A "Sissy Boy' Conscientious Objector

Here we go again. The Democrats and Big Media are once again promoting Mitt Romney for President in 2016. When will rational Americans wise up? Mitt Romney is a Mormon. He is a Conscientious Objector. This means that he is not in favor of war under any circumstances. Is this how the American Patriots handled our own Revolution? Of course not. The founding Patriots fought for Liberty, and against Tyranny, with their lives. Thomas Jefferson wrote: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." Mitt Romney is not the leader America desperately needs at this time in its history. Also remember that in the elections of 2012 Mitt Romney had every chance to personally confront the lies spoken by B.H. Obama ll, but he chose to not speak a discouraging word. Because of his  timidity, B.H. Obama ll won the Presidency, and this great nation has suffered near total corruption by the political thugs (Republican and Democrat) who give hard earned taxpayer money to deadbeat 'slugs' who produce nothing except the need to be supported through handouts (50 million Americans who can not feed themselves). 

Remember the elections of 2008? The Democrats had two socialist candidates in contention.....Hillary "My daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton and B.H. "Secret Muslim" Obama ll. The Republicans were flummoxed as to who would carry their banner. Well, the Liberal Democrats were pulling for the new guy, B.H. Obama ll, but they knew that he had a birth certificate problem that would stop him cold. They were tipped off about this problem by non other than Hillary "My daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton. Ms. Clinton made available the truth about B.H. Obama ll and his birth certificate. But Big Media was actually on the side of change.....the Obama side. So to counter this Clinton truth (one of the only truthful things she has ever said) Big Media focused on John McCain. Why McCain? Because John McCain not only was the most IQ deficient of the Republican candidates, but he had a birth certificate problem that could be used to void the Obama birth certificate problem. Big Media 'jumped' on McCain, and claimed that he could not Constitutionally hold the office as President because he was not born in America. This sham of an examination went on and on, and even though McCain was not born in the U.S. as the Constitution specifies as a requirement (he was born in the Panama Canal Zone), he was finally declared, by Big Media, OK to serve. 

Before this examination of the McCain birth certificate, John McCain was holding, in the national polls, at about 5% of the Republican primary vote. He was so far behind in these polls that he had already been dismissed as a contender. But suddenly something happened to 'run this old loser up', and give him the primary win. Big Media, being on the side of B.H. "Secret Muslim" Obama ll, suddenly decided in almost all their posting that only one Republican could garner enough of the Democratic votes needed to elect a Republican President. On and on they wrote. Big Media said that according to all the polls, John McCain was the strongest, and most moderate of the Republican candidates, and that he was the only Republican that Democrats admired and would vote for. Suddenly, the moronic Republicans took the bait, and ran with it, and got 'hooked' with the 'old and dumb candidate', John McCain. The rest of the story is  history. B.H. "Secret Muslim" Obama ll defeated Hillary "My daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton in the primary, and Obama went on to easily defeat McCain, the Republican candidate chosen by Big Media. 

The upshot of this entire situation is that after the farce of pretending that McCain met the election requirements imposed by the Constitution, a vetting of the Obama birth certificate was 'history'. Obama then, with the aid of 99% of the black vote, was able to put Ms. Clinton into a losing second place. And as a reward to Ms. Clinton for not pursuing her claim about the Obama birth certificate problem, Obama and his Democratic thugs gave her a 'bone'. They promised her that if she was a good follower she would be given the Presidency in 2016. And Ms. Clinton has been a good little follower. And her quest to be President is now on track. And Big Media is all ready to tell the big lie that Mitt "Sissy Boy" Romney is the only Republican that can beat Ms. Clinton in 2016. 

So if you are a Patriot and want to end all the corruption that is destroying the Freedoms provided us by the Constitution then don't even give Mitt Romney a 'glance'. This nation needs a strong military leader as President now more than ever before. A  Conscientious Objector is not the person America needs to get this corrupted nation back on track. I personally like Allen West. I believe that he has shown the 'guts' necessary to restore the Constitution as the 'Law of the Land'. And I believe that he will be a uniter rather than a divider.
Lord Howard Hurts

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