Friday, September 5, 2014

The Caribbean Is Dangerous Tonight.......The Caliphate Is Watching

ISIS is on the verge of bringing the Muslim dream of a new Caliphate to reality. Once this 1 billion plus, world wide, religious sect comes together and acts as one........the world as we know it will change for hundreds of years. The Japanese in the 1940's had this very type of suicidal mindset. The only thing that stopped it was 2 atomic bombs. Are we ready to bomb Mecca?

There is no doubt that President B.H. Obama ll is a trapped, in his mind, Muslim. It is time for reasonable Americans to recognize this and remove him from office. The time to destroy this new Caliphate is now. A few more beheadings, a few wanton acts of terrorism, and the faithful (Muslims) will submit and act. 

There are big plans being prepared against America and Americans all over the world. My sources say that 9-11 will be like the 4th of July in America. Are there really any missing aircraft in Libya? Is there another 9-11 type of attack coming? What about cruise ships full of Americans? These bemoths hold over 5,000 persons. What an easy target for the terrorists, and what a prize for the Caliphate should one 'go down' during the night in the Caribbean. Our military has been 'castrated' by B.H. Obama ll, and it sits and waits for orders from this dope smoking 'sissy boy'. America has lost not only its 'Moral Compass', but it has lost its courage. God helps those who help themselves. What will be will be.
Lord Howard Hurts

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