Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Inescapable Reality: White and Black Nations

Just when Republicans think they have a rational candidate for political office.....and maybe one for President in 2016, Dr. Ben Carson says about Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens,  “And let’s not all jump on the bandwagon of demonizing this guy”. What the hell is he thinking about? Ray Rice is a thug and just another bad role model for blacks. 

I have always believed that every race on planet Earth holds a special set of DNA that can't be hidden or removed. That no matter what the circumstances, or attempt to act civilized (as viewed by a different race).....these special DNA drive the individual to do and say things that they can not change no matter how educated they seem to be. Dr. Ben Carson brings credence to my theory. What Ray Rice did was deplorable on many counts, and yet Dr. Carson asks for understanding towards Ray Rice. 

There is something about blacks that makes them more violent than white persons. It is my theory that there is a special 5% DNA factor, in every race on planet Earth, that can not be negated by any means. That there are different races on this planet because of Creation. If the people of Earth were to be of one mindset then what was the purpose of making them look different? Everything on Earth is relative. There is no universal Right or Wrong. Being violent is just in the DNA of black persons (as viewed by white persons), and this can not be changed. This is why black persons clan together, have their own way of expressing the English language, have their own way of dress, have their own music, act more violent, and want to call themselves African American's. There is no way for the black and white culture to have totally similar goals. It is time to realize the reality of this 5% DNA factor, and divide American into two independent countries. There is no other way to bring about a conclusion to the current 'Civil War' that exists between these two races. The inescapable reality is coming, and no matter how hard white persons try to disbelieve the truth......in the end there will be a white nation and a black nation. It is just a matter of time. 
Lord Howard Hurts  freedomfiles.blogspot.com

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