Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Obama Is A Muslim.........This is a fact

The Great American Experiment in Freedom is 'hanging by a thread'.  President Obama is a Marxist. He, with the aid his minions, has been transforming this great nation into a 'brew' of socialist chaos, and all the while the Patriots of this nation continue to sit on the couch, and watch staged reality shows on their TV. The Constitution of this nation clearly maps out the path by which to repel and defeat these common house fly's.  And the writings of the Founders, of this nation, foretold that in time the citizens would become so complacent, in their own good fortune, that they would turn this Democratic Republic into a Democracy, and then all Freedoms would be gone. Only useful idiots and government teachers believe that everyone in America is equal. What these useful traitors don't understand is that only the laws governing the citizens are equal, but that it is the responsibility of each citizen to make his, or her,  own life a happy or prosperous one. It is not the responsibility of the taxpayer, through government handouts, to drag anyone into the life that these non producers mistakenly believe is a right given to all citizens. This nation was born by Revolution and it can be saved by Revolution. The Constitution provides that should the Congress, and the President, not uphold the Constitution, then it is the 'Duty' of the military, of this nation, to uphold their oath to "Defend The Constitution From All Enemy's Both Foreign And Domestic". The military officers of this nation are bound, by the Constitution, to disobey any order that violates the Constitution.

The proof that Obama is not qualified to be President is the fact that by his own admission, he is the son of a Muslim, father.  There are two types of apostates according to Sharia Law. The first type being murtad milli, or one who has converted to Islam, and then later renounces the faith. The second is murtad fitri, or one born of a Muslim father who renounces his birthright. Children, of even a non practicing Muslin, such as Obama's father, and irrespective of the faith of Obama's mother, are viewed by Muslims, around the world, as Muslim. And for someone to renounce the Muslim faith is the most egregious choice a person can make, and in doing so, automatically targets that person for death.  Have there been any attempts by Muslim's to kill Obama? Is he listed as a murtad fitri? I don't remember there being any mention of Obama being targeted by radical Muslims. So regardless of Obama's professed religion being Christian, he is definitely a 'card carrying' Muslim. And because the radical Muslims see him as "The Emasculate President", only those with a Western mind set believe, mistakenly, that Obama, being familiar with Muslim teachings, will be able to solve all the issues of dominance by the Mid Eastern world. Most Muslims are born and raised in the harsh environment of the desert. They despise emasculated men (there is no doubt that Obama is homosexual), and hold contempt for personal weakness; do not take orders from women (Hillary Clinton); and are in no way appreciative of soft words from Jews or Christians. Muslims are trapped in a medieval era, and no amount of 'understanding' will lessen their goals to dominate. So if there has been no perceived call for Obama's 'head', it is only because the "devout enemy" of both Jews and Christians is gaining strength before they strike. There will be a strike, be certain of that fact, and the only defense is to attack them before they gain the 'upper hand'. Obama is the 'Judas Sheep' that is leading America into the Muslim trap. Obama needs to go, NOW! And without  some leader coming from the ranks of the military, America is doomed.
Lord Howard Hurts

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