Friday, March 1, 2013

There Is Meaning In Everything, And Everything Has Meaning

I awoke from a peaceful sleep at 4 am this morning to write this.........please accept it in the spirit in which it was written. And should you find this in anyway helpful, or comforting, please send it to your friends:

Once one accepts the fact that life on Earth is just too complex to have been an accident, the reality of a Creator becomes both undeniable and understandable. There suddenly is a meaning for everything, and everything has meaning. It is then easy to see that everything flows from the direction of birth to death, and death to birth. Life is a continuous circle. There is no other direction for existence to move. Just as the planets revolve around the sun, life revolves around its very own existence. There is no other option available. This reality is never ending, and like the course of a always changing, but in the end.......... the cycle continues. The complexity of this movement is always in question because man, the only living thing on Earth that possesses the ability to think, and use "Free Will", and force change, is always seeking the cause of the beginning, and the reason for the end. All other living things accept reality, and never question or attempt to make change. And this alone is proof that all human life is derived from a Creator that has given human life a mirror image of this Creator, himself. This is why man always wants to prolong his worldly existence, and attempts to change the rules of natural life itself. And this, by itself, is proof that the Creator is not dead........ as some false prophets would want you to believe.

Is there any way to thwart this natural progression of reality? And just what would be the result of extending the life span of all humans to a term of 100 plus years, when the useful life span for humans is undeniably 70 years or less? Only man questions the natural pattern of existence, and struggles for more time on Earth, even when this extended time is non productive. It is a fact that unless any life form is productive it ceases to exist. Thus proving that a world of homosexuals could not endure, and because of this fact, homosexuality must be against the natural existence given us by the Creator. There is no "Free Lunch" on Earth. And where does all this lead? Back to the Garden of Eden of course. The forbidden fruit was not an apple or some other type of fruit. It was "Free Will". Adam and Eve represent all human beings on Earth, and they were unable to accept their place in the "garden" of reality and existence. They wanted more time on Earth, and they wanted to be the Creator instead of being the created; And the struggle continues. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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