Friday, March 29, 2013

Lord Howard Hurts Pulls Out All The Stops!

No more Mr. Nice guy. Lord Howard Hurts is going to tell it like it is: Homosexuality is an abomination. 

To listen to the Republican RINO's it suddenly seems that anyone who is not a 'homosexual lover' is a traitor to this nation and humanity itself. By the way, since when has homosexuality been a virtue? I know. I know. Anyone who is against homosexuality is a closet homosexual. Yawn. Yawn. 

While the world erupts in wars at multiple locations; and economic disasters strike most every nation; and a return to slavery (Egypt) makes inroads on several fronts; The United States of America is consumed with the need to assure anyone, of the same sex, that wants to get married, that 'Same Sex Marriage' is a protected and legal right in the 'Land  of  the Free', and the 'Home of the Brave'. Where is all the Congressional concern for engaging in an act that is not only unhealthy, but un Natural (homosexuality)? 

We can not drink carbonated sugar drinks of more than 16 ounces because sugar contains worthless calories, and leads to obesity. We can not smoke cigarettes because they cause cancer, but we can smoke all the marijuana we can consume, because marijuana relieves pain, and nobody in America needs to experience pain. Suddenly, the crude retort, "shove it up your ass", is healthy and nurturing, and truly all American. Patriots, can you envision anything more comforting and wholesome than men mounting each other and expressing their love by shoving their manhood into an orifice that is designed to expel rather than accept 'forward traffic'? Has America gone completely mad? Is this what it was like during the decline of the Roman Empire? Where are the churches during this return to paganism?

In ancient Roman there was the acceptance that sexual pleasure trumped procreation, and this elevation of physical pleasure lead to all measures of contraception, exotic formulations and potions, abortions, and infanticide. The leaders of Rome, under such astute leadership as the likes of Nero, saw marriage as nothing more than a means to sexual pleasure, which in turn fostered state sponsorship of homosexual marriage. And, I am sure that I don't have to tell you how this all turned out. So isn't it time for the Patriots of America to face facts, and stop looking for a leader from the GOP? Isn't it time for the Patriots of America to gather together to throw the corrupted Congress, and our own Nero, out of office? Isn't it time to re read the Constitution and understand the 'Military Option' provided in this great document? The  window of opportunity is slowly  closing, and our fate will be sealed unless immediate actions are taken. Wake Up, Patriots! Or hail Emperor Nero. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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