Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Nation Tempered By The Blood Of Its Warriors

 We have long forgotten that the strength of any nation is tempered by the blood of its warriors, and not the political rhetoric spieled out by traitors. A nation only endures so long as its warriors are willing to give their life for the cause. When the self serving politicians take charge of a nation, and the warrior spirit is broken, the nation dies. America is taking its last breaths. 

Patriots and Taxpayers of America: If Marxist Obama should get confirmation of his new pick for Secretary of Labor, leftist lawyer, Thomas Perez, the transformation is complete, and America, and the Constitution, is lost. I am not going to do your homework on this despicable character. Do your own google search and form your own opinion so that if you agree, with my assessment, you can work diligently to find a way to put this radical Obama 'buddy' in the 'spotlight' of public opinion. I don't expect that the worthless Congress will do anymore than make a few negative comments on this most radical DOJ lawyer before giving him the stamp of approval. Maybe Senator John McCain can get some press by being against this Secretary of Labor pick before he votes for him. This seems to make good press with voters in the red states.........but really, this disastrous pick.... combined with other radical new 'hires' clearly shows that it is 'Do or Die Time' for America.

Are you aware that nearly 49 million Americans are now on 'Food Stamps'? Are you aware that these are Americans who will only vote for those who promise to give them more 'free stuff'? Are you aware that the big increase in 'Food Stamp' recipients comes from single mothers? Does anyone think an increase in the number of single mothers is a good thing? Maybe if life was made more difficult, for single mothers, women would give more thought about the consequences of being a single mother, and stop this behavior that is destroying the very fabric of American society. Isn't it time to stop rewarding 'bad behavior'? Like the destruction of Rome, America's greatest enemy's are the citizens from within.......the 'barbarians' from outside, the ones that can't even feed their own people, let alone attack America in force, pose little threat of overthrow and destruction. 

Why are we in Afghanistan today? Or better yet, why were we led to believe that this hell hole of a place is where we should squander our hard earned tax money, and the lives of our best warriors, to make a stand for Liberty and Freedom? Wake Up, Patriots! When things at 'home' get tough, governments that want to stay in power invent enemy's that arouse the primeval instincts of survival that are born in every human being on Earth. Let us not be blinded. G.W. Bush was not much better than B.H. Obama in actual practice. There is not a 'dimes worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats' today. We can ill afford representation by either national party should we desire this great Republic to continue. 

A nation is only as strong as its foundation. America's foundation is the Constitution. It has..... and continues to be undermined by radicals from both national political parties to the determent of Freedom and Personal Responsibility. America was founded by Revolution, and it is time for thinking Americans to face the fact that it will be impossible to restore the Republic, at this time in our history, through the corrupted voting process. We have had 70 years of politicians failing to defend the Constitution, and instead of leading by example, they have corrupted and compromised the national law in their quest to keep themselves on top of the Federal power base.The elections of 2012 proved that the corruption of the ballot box was completed. There will never be another election in America that reflects a meaningful representation of the citizens until the entire Congress, this Marxist President, and the Supreme Court, is removed and replaced. The window of opportunity is slowly closing. It is now time for the Patriots of America to push for the military option, as defined by the Founding Fathers, and the Constitution, to remove this corrupt Federal Government. And from amongst us must come one strong and fearless military leader. And we, as Patriots, must stand behind him, and trust in God that this leader will lead justly and reestablish the Constitution as the 'Law of the Land'. Let Freedom Ring.
Lord Howard Hurts

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