Thursday, March 21, 2013

Simple Math Proves That "The Show Is Over"

Sarah Palin was 'on fire' at the recent CPAC event. The only problem is that even these 'New Age' Republicans continue to 'flog the dead horse' in an attempt to make him cross the finish line first. It seems to me that these enlightened Republicans need to study up on their math skills. For if the definition of insanity is truly the act of doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.....well, even these 'New Age', enlightened, Republicans are truly insane. Why would someone worry about the elections in 2014, and 2016, when the math is there to prove that Republicans will lose unless they compromise and become Socialist? 

Here is the simple math:

50 million Americans currently receive 'Food Stamps', and 33% of persons who qualify for 'Food Stamps' have not applied.

 8.4 million persons are collecting either State or Federal Unemployment benefits. 

75% of all government benefits (State and Federal) are aimed at the elderly.

60% of Americans receive more from government than they pay in taxes.

49.1% of Americans receive some form of government aid.

Minimum Wage today: $7.25 and Minimum Wage 1965: $1.25. 

More than 70% of Americans live 'pay check to pay check'.

Forget all the 'scientific Mumbo Jumbo', and Think: A new car in 1965 cost less than $3,000. A 2 bed, 2 bath, home, then, cost less than $12,000. Today, a new car is $20,000 and a 2 bed, 2 bath, house is $65,000. So how can someone, without going into massive debt, purchase a car and a house today? They can't. Only by putting most spending on a credit card, and only making minimum payments, and living 'pay check to pay check' can the average American survive. The average American in 1965 earned $7,600 a year. In 2012, the average American earned $26,400. So a rough estimate shows us that to have the same standard of living today, as one had in 1965, the average person in America would need to make around $42,000 a year. This is not the  case, and this is a major part of all the unrest in America today. The other factor in the unrest is the fact that Big Business has taken over all markets, and this has made it nearly impossible for small businesses to survive. All Government (State, Federal, Democratic, and Republican) likes big business as it is easier to 'cut deals' with fewer donors rather than have to deal with millions of individual donors. This is why we will continue to see government reward businesses that are 'too big to fail', or 'too big to follow rules'.

Attempting to gain voters for future elections is pure insanity. There is no way to win voters over by attempting to inform them about the Constitution, Moral Values, or Freedom. When a population is hungry they will vote for anyone who will 'give them bread', and when the producers and taxpayers decide to stop working, 'the show' is over........and will be heard, "Let them eat cake!"
Lord Howard Hurts

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