Sunday, September 23, 2012

Response to MG Vallely interview: Obama Planning October Surprise,   September 13, 2012.

General. I respect your thoughts on the upcoming election, BUT I don't think many persons understand or see the huge gorilla in the middle of the living room............ PETRODOLLARS. When you study this "gorilla" you will understand that Iran needs to be severely punished. I am not saying I favor the Petrodollar policy, but it has been in effect since President Nixon, and all Presidents since him have so "screwed up" our economy using this flawed policy that it is too late to make a change without destroying the entire American economy. Iran wants all oil purchases, world wide, to be paid in gold instead of the U.S. dollar. President Nixon had made an agreement with Saudi Arabia that in return for U.S. protection of that country and its ruling family, all oil purchases, world wide would be in U.S. dollars only. A change from this policy will destroy our economy in one day, and make the Depression of 1929 look like a birthday party, because we probably have no gold. So now it should be understood that there is a twofold reason to see that Iran is "taken down".  And should Iran be "taken down", I am not in favor of another "boots on the ground and occupy"......... as this has never worked and will never work. When you corner a rat you give him room to make an escape. If you press he too tightly he will fight to the death, and nobody knows the outcome of a fight to the death. It is none of our business what type of society or government Iran, or any other country on this planes works under. It is the duty of the U.S. government to protect the safety and interests of Americans citizens. No more and no less. The occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan was, and currently is, the usual mistake by politicians who know nothing except getting votes from "couch potato's". It is time to stop with the destroy and rebuild policy we have used since World War ll. It is time to implement the "hit them hard and back off" policy. When one is in a fight to win, one doesn't attack points of strength, one attacks at points of weakness. Points of strength are ready for a fight. Points of weakness can't cope with a "hammering", and will cause a "divide", much like what happened during the Vietnam "war". Civilians are the majority of a nations population. They fuel the "war machines". As long as causalities are borne by the military, the civilians are in favor of a continued fight. But "hammer" the civilians, and they can't cope....... and will want to negotiate a peace. That is why it is best to not put "boots on the ground". Divide and Conquer. 

Now this brings us to November 6, and Mitt Romney. The past few days have shown Romney to be exactly as I have said: "Sissy Boy". He makes a true statement about 47% of the voters being "Die Hard" Obama voters because of the government handouts..........and he backs up rather than defending the truth. Truth is what is lacking in America today. Who is Obama? Why will he not let anyone view his birth certificate in the vault in Hawaii to verify that it is the same as the one he had posted on the Internet? What were his college grades? How did he fund his Harvard experience? Why did he pretend to be from Kenya? Why did he write non fiction books with composite women as "girlfriends"? But the bigger question is: Why has Romney not demanded the answers to all these questions? Why would Romney even begin to engage in a debate with someone with whom some many questions are unanswered? Well I am going to give Romney one more chance to prove that he is either a man or a mouse. I will go to a rally where he is speaking and I will throw a piece of cheese on the ground and watch what he does. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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