Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Dream.....Israel must attack Iran on October 28, 2012

Many have laughed and sent me emails calling me stupid and silly, but I am not deterred. I had a dream, and it might be fantasy, but I will  not stop from posting it. In no way, can I be called a religious person or even one schooled in the scriptures, but in this dream,  David, a Shepard boy, says: "I come to thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied." This is in reference to David meeting Goliath. Then further, in this dream, a voice says, "Israel must understand that Iran believes it must destroy Israel,  and even if the rest of the world thinks this an insane thought, Iran does not. Iran's Twelver's and Ahmadinejad will sacrifice their entire country, and its entire population in order to destroy Israel, and fulfill the so called Imam prophecies. Of this there is no disputing. The Obama administration is secretly working against Israel, and is working for Iran. A win for Obama on November 6 will be the "death" of Israel because the American people will be so divided, and filled with their own divisiveness, that they will not want to go to war for any reason. And the same result will be revealed should Romney win because America will then be engaged in a race war. The only way to get America to take the positive action needed is for Israel to take offensive action against Iran on October 28, 2012. And this is the command of the Lord most high. Failure to follow this command will result in the complete destruction of Israel. But with the military aid of America, Iran will be defeated in 130 days, and the Third Temple can be built in Jerusalem." This is what I dreamed. I can only relate it to those who need this information. I believe that this dream was some inspired dream, and it could be related in some way to a most Holy Artifact I possess. It is an artifact that I received in 1970, from a man I met on a flight out of South America to Miami, Florida. It is a most interesting story and one that I will further relate to anyone  who asks.
Lord Howard Hurts  

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  1. October 28th is a Sunday. The inspectors do not work on Sundays, so it would limit casualties if attacked then. It is the last weekend before the election. Obama must support a strike before the election. Israel warned the EU not to meet with Iran this weekend.