Saturday, September 15, 2012

Petrodollars Are The Secret That Nobody Wants You To Understand

Mitt Romney is the "Judas Goat" of the Republican Party. Mitt has Obama "on the ropes", and he will not hit him with a punch. When Obama "screamed" that Romney had not paid taxes in over 10 years, and demanded that Romney turn over certified copies of his IRS documents, Romney had the election won. That is unless he has not paid his taxes for the past 10 years. And I assume that what the Democrats wanted to do was to force Romney to reveal that he had not paid more than about 13% of his income in Federal taxes, thus they could "tag" him as a tax cheat. But regardless of the fact that Romney probably has not paid more than 13% of his income in Federal taxes, he has paid all the taxes required by the statutes and regulations of the IRS. Now here is the strategy that would win the election for Romney before November 6, 2012.

Resist, resist, resist.......... giving up any further tax returns. Let the Democrats make a huge issue of it. Keep the issue "front and center" of the Obama attack. Then just a day  before the first national debate, Romney should make an announcement that he will not participate in the debate unless Obama turns over all his school grades, student loan documents, all passport information, and lets anyone who desires to go to the "vault" in Hawaii, and have access to the original, certified, Obama, birth certificate. Romney would then declare that he has no actual information that Obama is not "telling the truth" about his personal documents, but that many of his Republican supporters want to be sure that President Obama has provided an exact copy of his birth certificate that is in the state vault in Hawaii. Romney would then say that his supporters demand that he make such a request, to prove that he is worthy of both their vote and support.That Obama has talked about being the most transparent President in American history, but he has not provided verifiable proof of all his personal information. That many document experts have declared his posted birth certificate a false, composite, document, and it is just reasonable that Obama provide the requested information so as to eliminate all doubt. And to show good faith, he, Romney, will turn over the Obama requested, past 10 years, IRS documents. And further, if Obama doesn't turn over all the requested documents, not only will the debates not happen, but an investigation of this birth certificate and all school records  will be initiated immediately. Game over Obama. Obama loses if he turns over the information, and he loses if he doesn't turn over the information. 

But of course Romney will not even entertain such a tactic because Romney is a "Puppet", the same as Obama. The game was rigged from the start. Romney is another John McCain.....another Bob Dole.....another Bush l......another W. Bush. There hasn't been a dimes worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats since Nixon. What is the common thread between these two, seemingly opposing philosophy's on government? Petrodollars. Just what are Petrodollars? This Petrodollars are what has kept America out of bankruptcy even as the government was controlled by all the weak, puppet, Presidents since Nixon. 

Around the oil crisis of 1973, the Nixon administration joined in a pact with the Royal family of Saudi Arabia. They decided that all oil purchases would be in U.S. dollars and U.S. dollars only. And in return for this the United States of America would militarily come to the aid of the Saudi Royal family should any problems arise. This pact forces every nation on Earth to have U.S. dollars for any oil purchases. So no matter how corrupt the U.S. government was during these years, money flowed into the U.S. treasury like "water". But now we are in a situation where Iran is making moves to sell oil for gold. And many countries have gold (does America??). Should this happen, the "floodgates" would be open, and money would flow from America so fast that our economy would be the equal to that of some "Caveman" society. Now you know what is coming, and there is only one way to even begin to stop the flood. Take out Iran. There is no other alternative plan that will work, and it is doubtful that taking out Iran will stop a deep worldwide depression from beginning. But for the sake of Israel and the United States of America, this multi pronged "devil", Iran, must be put back into the "bottle".  Remember this date: October 28, 2012. This is the date that God has given his followers to take out Iran. It will take 130 days, and then peace will once again begin. Failure to follow this order will result in the complete destruction of both Israel and America. How do I know this? I don't. I only had a dream about it, and maybe it was just a dream. Read all my for further information on this dream.
Lord Howard Hurts

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