Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wake Up, Blind Sheep

If you don't believe that Obama is a MORON, then read this quote from the Salt Lake, Deseret News, July 13, 2011, by David Espo And Andrew Taylor. Unless they have their story wrong: "President Barack Obama bluntly told Republican congressional leaders Wednesday they must compromise quickly if the government is to avoid an unprecedented default, adding, "Don't call my bluff" by passing a short-term debt limit increase he has threatened to veto". 

Obama has told the world that he is bluffing. Then the Republicans would be idiots, and I will not be surprised if they don't understand the meaning of bluff,  to quickly compromise, or make any compromise. Compromise  should be out of the question.  And I don't want to hear about this being a "miss speak", or that he is just so multi tasked that we peons don't understand his greatness. Obama is a Moron, and that is a fact. He will not release his grades from the schools he attended for the simple reason that they are average or below average. It is the same situation as his birth certificate. He shows what he wants, but nobody can check to see if what he has shown is real. Wake Up, Blind Sheep.  It is time to cut the strings on this "Puppet" called Obama. To not remove him from office before the elections of 2012 will be a mistake of historic proportions.
Lord Howard Hurts

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