Monday, July 18, 2011

"Iacta Alea Esto", Paul Vallely For President

Please don't compare or use the current unrest in Egypt as the template for action for the restoration of our Constitution. Egypt has  no "Moral Compass" to guide it in the effort. We, Patriots, posses a "Moral Compass", but are we confident enough to use it? Our problem is two-fold. Before we can gather together to begin the "fight" we need a leader. Without a leader the efforts will be confused at best. We must hold a "common" resolve that the Constitution will be protected regardless of those who currently are pretend protectors. Our leader must be someone who is not motivated by fame or money, but only desires to lead because his countrymen have chosen to follow him. And follow means to have faith that whatever course this leader chooses, he will be followed. His followers will push to the "Gates of Hell" if needed. There will be no compromise. This leader has to make it known that those in the way will be punished as traitors. And traitors will be dealt with swiftly, and in an immediate, and historic fashion. I, am sad to say that this is the only "cure" for the ills that have taken this great Republic to this place where it now stands. There can be no doubt that the "inmates" are in charge of the asylum. Perversion of every form is made the "norm" by our mentally ill Congress, and Pretender President. I truly believe that we are at the "fork in the road".  That proverbial time in space, where we have to decide if we have the courage that those before us have shown, or like some common cur dogs, we will take what is given us. I dislike using the word, Purge, but when the "patient" is ill, sometimes the only remedy is a complete Purge.  The window of opportunity is open. For how long we can not be sure, but we will either move forward, or we will accept this "New Order" proposed by the very weakest of our citizens. To establish our identity, English must become our national language, and the courts must accept no other. Our leaders must not travel to meet with leaders of other countries. Those who desire to know and understand America and Freedom, will travel to Washington D.C. America will be restored. It is my opinion that our leader should be MG, Paul Vallely. I have never met the man, but not only does he have the look of a leader, he writes with the style of a True Patriot. I will follow him to the "Gates of Hell".  There can be no compromise. Compromise comes from weakness. When one is not weak, one does not compromise in anyway. Once the Congress and this Pretender President understand that we are on a mission to restore this nation to the greatness of times past, they will fold like the proverbial "House of Cards" they really are. "Iacta Alea Esto", Let the die be cast.

I mentioned that our problem is two-fold. The second "fold" is that once a leader is chosen, he needs to assemble his forces, present his plan, and choose his "Lieutenants".  This must be a show of both support and force. This leader must make it known to the Congress, and our Pretender President, that unless they resign,  from office, a major rally will be forthcoming in Washington D.C. on such and such a day, and at such and such a time.  There must be no mistake when the "battle will begin".  Let these Congressmen, and this Pretender President, have time to gather their forces for the "assault". We will fear them not, for we hold the "Moral Compass", and will be guided by it. No current Congressman will be considered as a Patriot unless he/she resigns their office, and joins the movement, prior to the rally in Washington D.C. As for the staging point, I choose The Villages, Florida. The reasons being: Central location, 80,000 persons over 55 years old, with 90% of these persons favorable to restoration of the Constitution; Metro Orlando area with over 2 million population, and major communications available; And lastly, just a nice American community to see, and to be the focus of what the future of America can be. Is all this a fantasy idea? Yes and No. But unless changes are implemented now, there will be no turning back. Once socialism takes hold, it is impossible for people to understand that they can make a life for themselves through personal responsibility, and not need government handouts. Government handouts take from the productive citizens, and give to those citizens who have been "brainwashed" into believing that they can not be the masters of their own destiny. This is a difficult concept to understand based on how many countries in the world are under some type of socialist government. We either use our "Moral Compass" to give us direction, and strength, or accept "slavery".....  Or we can continue to sit on the couch and watch for the latest news on where Casey Anthony has gone, or who the next contenders will be on Dancing With The Stars. 
Lord Howard Hurts   

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