Saturday, July 9, 2011

DOMINICA. China's Future Banking Outpost In The West

As the "Blind Sheep" citizens of America sit around their TV screens and watch the dysfunctional Anthony family (Casey Anthony, murder trial), the real world continues to revolve, "faster and faster". My last posting on China brought many claims that I am making up the problems associated with China and Australia. If you have not read this posting, it is: Australia Will Be A "Colony" Of China By 2020 (posted June 30, 2011). I stand by my posting, and declare, again, that China has set for itself, the goal to become "The Dominate World Power" by the year 2020. 

While Americans "sit on their hands", and bemoan their wretched economy while doing nothing about removing the "linchpin"  that keeps despair and confusion the words of the day, China slowly, and quietly, moves forward. The "linchpin" that has this economy in such despair is none other than President Obama, "The Pretender".  Be assured that if this "Pretender" is not removed before the elections of 2012, The American Dream will become the American Nightmare. It is incomprehensible to me, that this electorate (U.S.) takes more interest in "Reality TV" than actual Reality, and because they are "Blind Sheep", they just can't seem to understand that "Reality TV" is in fact totally scripted. But be that as it is, here is more information on how China is positioning itself on the way to accomplishing World Denomination.

One thing China needs is a currency base similar to that of Switzerland. Knowing that there is no way to take over Switzerland, or any other European nation at this time, China has moved it's interest to South America, mostly, for their mineral resources, and secondly because of their negative attitude towards the West, and America in particular. To accomplish their "mission" to create a "Little Switzerland", China has chosen Dominica, an island off the coast of Venezuela. Now don't confuse Dominica with the Dominican Republic, half of the island of Hispaniola, shared with Haiti, for Dominica is a  much smaller island, and has several features that make it a good candidate for helping China to get a banking outpost in the West. And here are several reasons for China choosing Dominica as their number one choice: 1. Close to both U.S. and South America;  2. Small impoverished island with a population of only 73,000;  3. What the island lacks in beautiful beaches is more than offset by massive amounts of fresh water;  4. The island has a hydro electric plant already in place. So islanders and visitors will not be inconvenienced, like on other Caribbean islands, with power outages;  And as proof that China has an interest in Dominica, it should be noted that this small island cut relations with Taiwan, and has been offered US$122 million in assistance over a period of six years. Dominica's Prime Minister, Skerrit, also reaffirmed the unflinching adherence of the Government of Dominica to the One-China principle (September of 2009). 

In May of 2011, Dominica News Online, posted an article which stated that a private citizen of Dominica, Jerry  Brisbane, had written to China's ambassador to Dominica, Wang Zonglai, asking him to disclose a Memorandum of Understanding between Dominica and China. Brisbane has stated that the Dominican people have no idea about the level of involvement that exists between Dominica and China. And further, he thinks that Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, may have given more to China than the citizens now know. Bisbane also asks for Prime Minister, Skerrit, to publish a copy of this Memorandum of Understanding in the local newspaper so as to provide total transparency in his government. Dominica Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, on the other hand, says he is baffled by the letter written by the local businessman calling for the disclosure of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Dominica and China as it was printed in the newspaper several years ago, and for this reason, he will not republish the document. It has also been noted that PM Skerrit has done very well financially since becoming involved with China.  Please, also note that besides China, the EU has made grants for projects on the island. The difference in the implementation of these grants is that projects funded by the EU are done using workers from Dominica, while projects funded by China are done using only, imported, Chinese workers. Strangely, there is no "outcry" of resistance by islanders over the exclusive use of Chinese workers on these projects. While America continues of be involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, China makes positive inroads to accomplishing it's goal of becoming the Dominate World Power by 2020, and it seems that Dominica is a "stepping stone" towards that quest.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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