Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Diversity: The Trojan Horse That May Bring Down Our Constitution

In life, President Obama gained from the misguided concept of Diversity, by being able to attend colleges that he was not qualified, by testing and previous grades, to attend. During his campaign he self-aggrandized about how he would be the perfect leader because of his biracial Diversity. He promoted the word, Diversity, as a strength instead of a weakness or negative. But is Diversity really a plus in building a strong and intellectually superior society? Absolutely not. Diversity is just a code word for "Divide and Conquer", the most successful of all war strategies. There is no doubt that Obama is a Marxist; That his intent is to destroy this great Republic by using a small minority of devout followers to promote unrest, and by both confusing, and dividing, the majority electorate. One way that Diversity has been accomplished is by the quota system. This is the same system that made it possible for Obama to attend colleges that he did not qualify to attend. We do not know precisely what college courses he took, and how he was able to enter Harvard when his grades were  not up to the standard required (he mentioned this fact in his book), because he has steadfastly refused to release his school records for public scrutiny. But we do know that his success in life can be traced to this destructive practice of "social justice", Diversity. Diversity, for the sake of making persons equal in intelligence by granting extra points on the scores of persons deemed to be "socially deprived",  goes against all that our Constitution represents.  This practice amounts to selective enforcement of the law, and this selective enforcement of law makes it impossible for the citizens of a nation to look forward, and plan a future, because the future will always be subject to change at anytime, and for any reason, regardless of published law. So in reality, Diversity, is the Trojan Horse that may bring down our Constitution.  If this President is not removed before the elections of 2012, I am quite sure that our Freedoms will be just something to read about in a history book.
Lord Howard Hurts

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