Monday, July 4, 2011

History Repeats Itself; Humankind Is Stupid.

If you believe that nothing can be created nor destroyed, it is a safe bet that you understand that there is nothing "new under the sun"; That everything "recycles", and thus the answer to any question is available if one only looks to history. This is how rational human beings solve problems. The question is: Are human beings rational? The answer is No, and the reason is very simple: Every person; Every group; Every society; Has priorities dictated by some, either personal, or group, mind set. As example: The U.S. Space Program. When the entire space program is viewed, in the context of what progress has been made towards establishing the colonization of "Space," one readily sees that there has been no measurable progress since Galileo first extend the knowledge of the upper atmosphere. And further, that there is no possibility for man to live outside the protection of earth. But do these "minor" facts influence the taking of our taxpayer money to continue with the Space Program? No. History repeats itself;  humankind is stupid. 

Afghanistan. We have been engaged in a war in that country for over 10 years. In that time more than 1,600 American servicemen have died. For what reason?  I have no earthly idea. Our Congress and our President (who was voted into office, in large part, because he said he would stop the war) have continued "to pour" both taxpayers money, and American lives down this "rat hole." Our, esteemed, Republicans are most vocal about not leaving until "Victory" is achieved, but for some reason, the definition of "Victory" has never been voiced. It still alludes me. And until someone can pronounce the definition of "Victory", we are doomed to stay in that "rat hole" until  such time as the Congress, and the President say, "Victory Is Won".  So to help you understand the misguided logic that is in play in that most impoverished country, I give you some actual facts to ponder: Afghanistan is 99% Islam; The country has a 35% unemployment rate; The average person earns less than $1,000 a year; The economy is highly subsidized by both, China, and the U.S., and it is one of the poorest countries on earth; There are shortages of electricity and water, and most sanitary services as daily routine; The population is currently around 30 million, and as this population has been "locked in" for thousands of years, there is no reason to believe that any outside "force" will be able to change their group, social, priorities;  Their economy is based, 1/3, on the production of opium, and as our culture feels that opium is not a real product, for  the real world, we have attempted to convert these opium (poppy) farmers to some other profession, only to destroy an economy that was nearly non existent before we arrived to help.  If the American people were not "Blind Sheep", this war would never have started.  And don't, in anyway, be swayed by the romantic idea that we are there to help the Afghan people institute a democratic form of government.  Are you following me here?  The difference between the current government in Afghanistan, and our American form of government, revolves around the concept of the separation of religion from the state. The concept of democracy, the reason we are told for our being in Afghanistan, is the common element found in both governments. The main difference being that Muslims do not approve of the promiscuity, and the moral decay that they perceive to exist in the U.S. (and these differences, with certainty, are promoted by our government). Thus how can we be a role model for the citizens of Afghanistan?  We need to leave immediately, and let the Afghans govern themselves, in the manner they want, regardless of our likes or dislikes of Islam. History repeats itself; humankind is stupid.
Lord Howard Hurts

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