Monday, April 27, 2015

Stop The Motors Of Destruction: Come To Costa Rica

Good Morning, Suckers......I mean Christian Patriots. Are you aware that Republican, Senate Majority Leader,  Mitch McConnell, and other RINO Republicans, plan to co-sponsor a piece of legislation introduced by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson that he has recently admitted, in the Wall Street Journal, would allow ObamaCare subsidies issued through federal exchanges to continue for two more years........even if the Supreme Court declares them illegal? Now isn't this just what you wasted your hard earned money and Republican support for? Wake Up! The Constitution is gone.....finished......nada (might as well start using the New English Vocabulary). 

Hillary Clinton is going to be the next American President. She is corrupt, old, and a socialist.......and she knows how to 'spell' corruption. My friends. It is time to stop protesting through logical thinking, and wishing, and hoping, that the masses of morons who control America, the great Democracy (mob), will 'wise up', and see the coming destruction. It is time to save your Sanity, and come on down to Costa Rica to enjoy life, and watch the 'fireworks' of this coming 'Clown Show', the 2016 Presidential election, from afar. Life is short......too short to work hard, pay taxes, and be threatened by the IRS, and other Federal Government thugs to financially support the 'Corruptors' like B.H. Obama ll, Hillary Clinton, and the RINO's that pretend to be 'Constitutional Reformers'. 

It is time to 'stop the motors of destruction'. They can not be stopped by mass voting because these 
'destructive motors' are directly fueled by the insane dreams, and wants, of the masses of morons who choose slavery over freedom. There is no rational way to turn these 'motors' off. Christian Patriots. Come to Costa Rica and breath the fresh air. Make a new life for yourself. Bring your hard earned assets with you, and stop fueling this 'New American Insanity'. Come down and join me, and 'John Galt', in a 'New Age of Human Freedom'. 

To be a rational, sane, human being is to understand that there are now more morons in America than rational sane persons, and to continue to 'fight' using a logical, rational, vocabulary as your weapon is pure nonsense. Leave America and don't look back.
Lord Howard Hurts

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