Monday, April 6, 2015

Restore The Constitution As "The Law Of The Land"........Now, Not Later

The Federal Government, under orders from "Muslim" President, B.H. Obama ll, has instituted a program called: Operation Choke Point. It's purpose is to 'nudge' banks to close all accounts of business' that sell guns to legal American citizens. Sun Trust is one bank that has willingly cooperated with this governmental 'nudge' in order to avoid a confrontation, and increased exposure, from Federal bank regulators. Patriots. Read this article and stop sitting around waiting for a Republican President and Congress. Our Federal Government is corrupt to the core. There is not a dimes worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. They talk different, but they govern the same. A Civil War is coming, and the Federal Government is  determined that rational American citizens will be unable to defend themselves from the 'Enemy From Within'. So stop sitting around wringing your hands, and crying. Take positive actions starting today to restore the Constitution as the 'Law of the Land', and to remove this "Muslim" from office before the elections of 2016. To sit and wait for the coming 'Sham Elections' is to give the 'Enemy' more time to work his plan. Do you really think that in a nation of over 300 millions citizens Hilliary "my daughter and I were undfire in Bosnia" Clinton, and Jeb "“I don’t read The New York Times to be honest with you." Bush, are the Front Runners for the 2016 race for President? Remember old 2% poll number, John McCain??? He made it to the final, and just what difference would it have made if he had won? NONE! John McCain is a moron, and a puppet just like B.H. Obama ll. Start taking action, or come and join me in San Jose, Costa Rica......and watch the insanity that is coming in this election cycle.
Lord Howard Hurts

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