Thursday, April 16, 2015

Senator Reid of Nevada Got the "Batman" Treatment

Nevada Senator, Harry Reid, has stated that Rush Limbaugh had started the false rumor that his (Reid's) severe facial injuries were cause by a beating from the hands of some 'Mafia thug'. And Reid has cried, "Why in the world would I come up with a story that I got hurt in my own bathroom with my wife standing there?

Well if I have to choose the reasonable explantion for the battered face....and eye......on Senator Reid, I would pick the Rush Limbaugh theory. And here is my reasoning: No rational person, and I admit that Reid barely passes the reasonable 'test', would have NOT named the company that manufactured the faulty exercise equipment. No reasonable person would accept the damage to their face, that Reid received, without warning others to research the safety of exercise equipment made by this specific manufacturer of the equipment that failed, and left Reid blind in one eye. So there you are. Reid has NOT issued a warning to others about this exercise equipment manufaturer becasuse there was no failure of any excersise equipment related to his facial injuries. He most likely was 'worked over' by one of his paid sponsors for his not being able to deliver some promised 'corrupt help' in moving needed legislation forward. My sources say that Reid had had a meeting with some 'unsavory' Nevada gambling persons, and that when Reid had been told to "Shut Up!", he had made the mistake of standing up. Bam! Biff! Pow!......he got the Batman treatment. End of story. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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