Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore Is The End Of American Civilization

As I sit here in my luxury 'digs' here in San Jose, Cost Rica, and watch the insane antics in Baltimore, MD, I have to laugh. If there is any doubt that the insane morons are running the 'nut house' one only has to look to this riot torn, third world city to understand. "Let the protesters have Space." Let these worthless thugs loot and steal what hard working Americans have accumulated with their 'sweat, tears, and intellect'. Pamper those who refuse to stand when ordered to do so by the police. Let them run and act guilty, and punish the police if they use force to accomplish order. And yes, if the suspect stands and converse with the police, and should something happen to that suspect......throw the book at the police for corruption. But do not protect 'Runners'. When someone runs it can be assumed that they are guilty of some crime. Whatever happens after running is the fault of the 'Runner' not the police. There can be no order when these morons flee from simple interrogation. The morale of the police will deteriorate to the point that they will make no arrests for any reason. Law and Order will not exist. The riots last night in Baltimore should have been settled with the police using whatever force was needed to stop the looting and the burning. If 1,000 looters were shot........so be it. If 2,000 looters were shot........so be it. America can not be controlled by looters and arsionist. If the courts have failed these persons then they can 'attack' the source of their disdain...........the judges who make the illogical rulings, the Congress, and the President. The burning of private property and the looting of personal belongings should not be tolerated, and whatever happens to the thugs who circumvent the law is a problem of their own making. 

But I sit here and laugh. The looters and thugs in Baltimore are 'pampered' and treated like they are hard working citizens of the highest repute........when in fact they are the lowest of the low. They are mostly, receivers of Federal and State aid provided by the real workers and tax payers of America. They don't know the First Amendment anymore than they know the names of the first 4 American Presidents. These thugs have no morals. They are destroyers rather than builders, and no nation can survive if the majority of its citizens are destroyers. America is at this point in its history. The end is near and the final curtain is about to be drawn. Rational American citizens, I emplore you to Wake Up! Hillary Clinton is going to be the next American President, and if you think "Muslim" Obama was bad........you have not seen anything yet. Come on down to Costa Rica and enjoy watching the 'circus' with me. There are opportunities here that will give you a new outlook on life, and the human race. Stop the insanity and come on down. 
Lord Howard Hurts   freedomfiles.blogspot.com

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