Thursday, April 5, 2012

Patriots Need To Get A Spine

Our court system is nothing but a sham. It's role is to keep the Patriots of this nation in line. Think about this: "It's role is to keep the Patriots in line, by making them believe that there is hope that the system is not broken". But the reality is that the Marxist in office, Obama, is subverting the Constitution by the use these sham courts. Take for example the court in Georgia ( Obama and his minions let the Patriots bring a suit against the validity of the election of Obama. The narcissist in charge, Obama, did not show up for the hearing. The case was heard, and the judge inserted what he believed the narcissist in charge would plead as a defense. Obviously this is against all the Constitutional guarantees of the courts.  

Now what are the Patriots of this nation to do? First, they must  stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, and start listening to Michael Savage. Rush and Glenn  are nice guys, but they have no knowledge of what it takes to mount an attack on Marxists. In battle, the good guys have to use tactics they abhor. You can not fight "Cold Steel" with words. It is not possible. Warriors must be more ruthless and more determined than their opponent, or the "kingdom" will be lost. Remember the old children's rhyme, "Sticks and Stones will break my bones. But words will never hurt me."? It is time to stop talking and time to take action. This nation needs its own, American Spring, before the sham elections of November. There needs to be the largest May Day rally ever seen in front of the White House. The Patriots of this nation need to force the entire Congress to remove themselves from office for they are traitors to the Constitution, and this also includes the Supreme Court, and President B. Hussein Obama.

Patriots. Don't you see that when "small business" is gone, and it is being Federally regulated out of existence as I write, you will have no choice but to take a job with the Federal government? Is this not Marxism? Has any people, one ensnared in this socialist trap, ever gained Freedom? No. Marxism is slavery enforced by starvation. Keep the people hungry and they can not revolt.
Lord Howard Hurts 

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