Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The African-American Psychosis

The George Zimmerman murder trial will further test and strain the racial make-up of this nation, once again. The following is my theory as to why this upcoming court case will not end the divide that exists between Americans and African-Americans, and please remember that I am just the messenger. Please don't shoot the messenger.

This Trayvon Martin case is not new. It is reoccurring.....over and over........ with similar circumstances, but different players. The African-American race irrationally sees racism at every encounter. And I would say that these charges of racism, mostly, are persistent delusions in the mind of African-Americans. And I believe that this recurrent behavior is an impairment to their ability to think clearly, and become American without the hyphenated title. I submit that African Americans have a inherent disorder that is being passed on by heredity. And because of this,  there will be no "coming together" of the races in America. African-Americans suffer from psychotic disorders and these disorders impair their ability to rationally view the definition of racism the same way that other races in America do. It is unfortunate that this psychosis exists, but this nation can ill afford to correct something that does not exist through implementation of laws that attempt to erase something that is a "near fantasy". And in regard to this issue, one finds that the Democratic party is the main moving force for enactment of legislation to address something that is a mental disorder, rather than a real national issue, once again proving that being a Democrat, in itself, is a mental disorder. Doesn't the reader find it strange that the persons calling others racist are most likely to be the persons with the hyphenated designation, African-American? Unfortunately, this "heredity born" psychosis, that plagues this nation, will not end easily or without force. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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