Saturday, April 28, 2012

Judge Says Zimmerman's Can Keep Money

The judge, handling the Zimmerman bond hearing, said that Mr. Zimmerman could keep the money donated by persons, to him, for his "defense" in the Trayvon Martin, 2nd degree murder case, and that he would not ask for and increase in the already established bond.
     What is the real issue here? Bond is not some type of penalty put on the accused. It is to insure that the accused shows up for trial. As the judge has already made a decision on the amount of bond needed to assure that Mr. Zimmerman shows up for court, the fact that he has access to money is not relevant. This proves that those that support the "cause" of Trayvon Martin are not interested in justice, they want to have this case handled in the Press and in the Streets. Their object is to obstruct justice and cause chaos for the American legal system, and to "Bully" the citizens of not only Sanford, Florida, but all the citizens of this nation, through threat of another "America is burning, 1967 race riot." The issue here is: Will the American system of law prevail, or will "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" be abolished by threats and intimidation by thugs like: President Obama, and his friends, Sharpton, and Jackson? 

Lord Howard Hurts 

Note: As the number of death threats, against me, have increased, I am going to post a new personal look. This is the new look I used during my recent "visit" to England just last week. The New, Lord Howard Hurts:

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