Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Patriots Must Take Charge

You have the facts and the facts speak for themselves, and without need of "spin" or "translation". But what are the Patriots of this nation going to do? Continue to take notes, make noises of protestation, and sit on their hands, while this nation is destroyed by known radicals and terrorists? Again, I say, why will Obama not let anyone look in the vault in Hawaii, and view his original birth certificate to insure that it is the same as the one he had posted on the Internet? Why doesn't this act alone make it perfectly clear that he is a fraud and a liar? Was he born in Kenya? Not likely. I contend that he is the son of Malcolm X. Think not? Look at pictures of Malcolm X and Obama Sr. Remember that President Obama's mother knew Malcolm X and Obama Sr. also knew Malcolm X. Malcolm X could not stand the exposure of such a happening, and Obama Sr. needed a "legal" reason to remain in the U.S. Make Obama prove that he is "wearing clothes", and stop being intimidated by this false posting of a fraudulent document. The Congress and the Supreme Court have shrugged their duty to protect the Constitution, and it is time for the Patriots, of this nation, to rise up and remove these worthless, self serving, "Slugs" from office. 
Lord Howard Hurts 

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