Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Socialism Is Inevitable Unless Obama Is Removed, Now!

America has a huge problem, that unless dealt with before the elections of 2012, will result in the "death" of the Republic. The problem is that most, productive, Americans are just too busy working at a job, to insure that they can pay their bills, and taxes, that politics is viewed as a minor distraction instead of the major crisis it truly is. The Tea Party is composed of persons who have a moral understanding of the responsibilities of citizenship, and most understand that government, state and local, needs to become smaller, but a high percentage of these "members" are the recipients of large pensions from the companies, or branch of government, that employed them during their "working" years.  Their moral outrage is present, but they do not understand, and will not understand, that the pensions awarded them by government, and the unions, is not reasonable when compared to the pensions that others, working in the private sector, will, or do, receive. How many privately owned businesses  can grant pensions to their workers based on the size of the paycheck of the last years worked, rather than the actual amount of pay withheld? And how can a private business guarantee pensions if these pensions are invested in the stock market, and that market "dumps" when it is time to pay these pensions? Only a business that can receive money from government (tax money taken rather than earned) can guarantee pensions regardless of the "condition" of the stock market at any given time  (there is no "Free Lunch"). So, understanding this, it is inevitable that this Obama, Marxist march, will continue regardless of how many people "mouth" the Tea Party position.  And as the "Baby Boomers" retire, they will want "stuff", and they will vote for "stuff" over morals every time. With nearly 46 million Americans on "Food Stamps" there is no question that this country will "crash".  It is just a matter of time. Now compare this 46 million Americans on "Food Stamps" with the increasing illegal population coming into this country from Mexico, and couple this with the fact that these Mexicans are not getting "Food Stamps", and you have proof that Americans will not take jobs that they don't want. That Americans would rather have the government provide their food than take an available job that they consider low class, or low pay.  And so the move to Socialism will continue. And with Obama and the Congress now using more than 40% of every tax dollar received just to pay the interest on the National Debt, there is no way our economy can continue go grow.  No government has ever been able to borrow itself to prosperity regardless of the economic theories from Harvard.  In time, the producers will stop working, and they will join that 46 million on "Food Stamps", and get in the "hand out" line, or they will find another country to move to so that they can watch the "fall", rather than be involved in it. Obama must go now, or this Republic will not survive.  Action must be taken before the "crash" so that those who understand the responsibilities of citizenship can gather together, and work against the Marxist in charge. . . ."if you drink much from a bottle marked ‘POISON’, it is certain to disagree with you, sooner or later". . .(Through The Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll).  This is why I believe that the only way to stop this march towards Socialism is to have a President who is a military man. The coming, inevitable, financial crash, coupled with the civil unrest that will accompany it, will only be able to be controlled by someone who knows how to administer "force".  The Constitution needs to be defended, and traitors need to be punished. Government "handouts" need to be reserved for those in NEED rather than those in WANT. We need a man like Paul Vallely, MG, retired, to lead us through this wilderness.
Lord Howard Hurts

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