Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Obama Is Intelligent. We Are Stupid.

Are you tired of hearing how intelligent President Obama is? How his intellect is so superior to that of the "common man", that his moronic statements, and actions, are viewed as proof of his ability to multi function, and are just "miss spokes", not actual moronic blabbering.  And when he states that there are 57 states, we have to remember that he is a graduate of Harvard, and has a  Nobel Prize in his possession, and he doesn't have to explain why he made such an untrue statement,  and because of his most esteemed academic accomplishments, he must be the smartest President ever elected. End of story. Go "hammer" on Sarah Palin.

Stupid is a relative term. Obama is the product of two similar gene pools. His degrees are nothing more than self serving documents issued by institutions that have to, in whatever way, set a standard for themselves that is 180 degrees from the thinking of the "average" citizen (or how would they represent the high IQ class?). In other words, something straight out of Alice in Wonderland.  Up must always be Down, unless Down is Up....and then only on every other Thursday. Very little that Obama says is logically defendable. But with his Harvard degree, we mere intellectual "midgets" must accept that persons of our lower IQ  status can not be expected to understand, much less rationalize, the theories of a Harvard intellect.  In other words: Obama is not stupid regardless of how stupid his statements may seem to us, because he possesses a higher IQ, as documented by his Harvard degree, and his Nobel Prize. We "common people" are stupid because we expect Obama's statements to be something that is logical to our lower class status, or non Harvard degree class (morons with a low IQ, if I may be redundant),  and we are just too stupid to realize that we can never understand the statements, and thought patterns, of those of a higher IQ. Up is Down and Down is Up, unless it is Thursday,  excluding anyone  living west of the International Date Line.

We are not living in "The End of Times", but in the beginning of "The End of Reason and Logic".   “Alice: It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll.
Lord Howard Hurts

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