Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Lost Dauphin

I have, in past postings, made mention about President Obama being Americas "Lost Dauphin".  There is a similarity in the facts in as much as Obama has a confused history of his "birth", and to smooth this part of his life out, he has recently posted a copy of his birth certificate on line; For the world to view; And even thought many document experts doubt that this birth certificate is an actual copy of an official document, Obama insists that the citizens of America take his word for it being a true copy; And he refuses to let any doubter have a certified copy, from the vaults of Hawaii, to examine as a form of cross examination. This action alone makes it an almost certainty that the Internet copy is nothing more than a self-serving FAKE. But alas, the "Blind Sheep" citizens of this country would rather not face reality, and they mistakenly "pin" their hopes on removing this Marxist from office in the Presidential elections of 2012.  Courage is also lacking in "Blind Sheep," and Obama takes great advantage of this fact, thus giving him time enough to plot his moves to destroy this nations economics to such a degree that the majority of the citizens will be begging the government to help, when both jobs and food are lacking,  and all the while, the government, alone, will be the reason for these disastrous circumstances.  So, as there is no reason  to continue to "beat a dead horse", I will move on to something more interesting, but on this same topic. 

Did you, when in high school, ever read: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain? Yes? Well if you are like me, you came to the part about the Lost Dauphin, and sort of did not understand the controversy dealing with this character. Well, it seems that the last Bourbon, King of France, Louis XVl, and his wife Marie Antoinette, had a son, Louis Charles.  And during the revolution, and before Marie was beheaded, Louis Charles, 8 years old, was taken and imprisoned. The government records state that he died, in the Temple prison, at age 10 (June 8, 1795) from  tuberculosis. And this is where the rumors and controversy start. Some say a substitute boy was placed in the prison cell, and Louis Charles was sent to America with adoptive parents; It is a fact that a doctor who had been summoned to the prison, to treat the boy, died a week before, either the death, or the substitution, of the Dauphin (Dauphin is the nobility title: eldest son of the King of France),  and this doctor's wife had hinted that he had refused to administer some irregular treatment on the young Dauphin.  But the rumors persisted, and that is how it came to pass that former French Citizen, and American naturalist artist, John James Audubon, who was the same age as the Dauphin, and had migrated to America at age 18,  became the focus of this Lost Dauphin story.  Now the known facts of the Lost Dauphin would seem to easily preclude Audubon from being Louis Charles, but on a visit to France in 1828, Audubon wrote an intriguing letter home to his wife. In part it said:  "patient, silent, bashful, and yet powerful of physique and of mind, dressed as a common man, I walk the streets! I bow! I ask permission to do this or that! I… who should command all!" John James Audubon was, for sure, a most interesting character even if he was not the Lost Dauphin. Do you own homework and read about this most gifted artist.
Lord Howard Hurts

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