Friday, May 15, 2015

The Future

Christian Patriots of America. You have sat and waited, and refused to take action against the "Muslim" that lied to gain the office of President of The United States of America. And now the final 'curtain' of this tragedy is about to come crashing down. I give you the result of the 2016 Presidential elections:  The Future

The Presidential elections of 2016 are finally over. The glass ceiling has finally been shattered. "Queen" Hillary has been elected President by an astounding majority. A majority so astounding that the number of votes exceeded the entire population of the United State by more than 80 million. Heaven on Earth has now become a reality. The elections were punctuated by events that even the astute pollsters had not  taken into account, or even foreseen. It all started when the Pope had declared that he, as the living Christ, would absolve all his followers of having to ponder on whom to vote,  and declared that all Catholics, living and dead, would unanimously vote for "Queen" Hillary......... And further stating that it would be a sin to not vote for the "Peace President". And then the day before the official election there happened the event of all events: Republican Presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, withdrew from the elections, and moved into the Vice President slot that had been recently vacated, two days before the elections, by Vermont Senator,  Democrat, Bernie Sanders. Jeb had stated that he was pleased to serve the public in any capacity that he was needed to restore America to Democratic greatness. He further stated that he and his entire family had always been a "Queen" Hillary supporter. He went on to say that every utterance he had made prior to the final day of the election was sadly just a lot of 'miss spoke'. That whatever "Queen" Hillary wanted to do to restore good faith into our system of Democracy was not only his sworn duty, but his 'mission' in life. He also stated that he would support a new, and updated, Constitution. And that this new Constitution would finally give power, and equal human rights, to the common man. And to punctuate his resolve, he clinched his right hand into the power salute, and thrust it, at a 45 degree angle, into the air several times......all the while shouting "Queen" Hillary! "Queen" Hillary!  

What a glorious day for America and all Earthly humanity. Finally, racist America will be under the control of the most Just and Learned "Queen" Hillary. All issues of dispute will be settled by digital vote, and there will be no personal identification needed to vote on anything. The world, also, will be invited to vote on any, and all issues. "Queen" Hillary has said: "America is not singularly ordained to rule the feelings and emotions of its citizenry, because America is just a small part of the Earth world, and human feelings are universal. Peace on Earth will only come when the citizenry of America submits to the concept of 'World Peace." 

Long live "Queen" Hillary. Long may she serve our wretched citizenry.

Lord Howard Hurts

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