Sunday, May 24, 2015

Long Live Cuba!

Is it not strange that President B.H. Obama ll and his corrupt administration are currently giddy with their new association with Fidel Castro and his equally corrupt, and vile brother, Raul? Why would the U.S. even begin to give credibility to these killers, and human rights violators? Well the answer is that B.H. Obama ll is a 'closet' communist. He said before coming into office that he was going to fundamentally change our Constitutional system of Law and Government, and this proves that he is a man of his word. 

The corrupt Obama administration, with the help and support of the Congress, is going to give hard earned taxpayer money to prop up this failure of Communism, Cuba, so that the promised fundamental change in America can move forward. But please note that we have in the Caribbean a territory (since 1898) called Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has a population greater than that of 21 states. Please further note that Puerto Rico, in 2012, voted to become a state rather than to continue to hold the status of Protectorate Territory. And where has this voter referendum gone? Nowhere. So where is the logic? Would it not be more prudent to establish Puerto Rico as the 51st state rather than to send money to a communist 'Hell Hole' like Cuba? 

Patriots. Do your own research and confirm that Puerto Rico is a better, and more moral, investment than sending our tax money to Cuba. Lets embrace the Puerto Rican people, and make this island the premier destination of choice for Freedom loving people the world over. And lets let Cuba continue its association with the bankrupt communist regimes until the people of that island wise up and rise up.........and give Fidel Castro, and his brother, Raul, what they have coming.........'death at the hands of the oppressed'.  And while we are doing this, why not give our communist President, Obama, 'the boot', and throw this 'merchant of change' out of office before the Presidential elections of 2016 as a sign that "We the people" are not having any of this transformation nonsense? But alas, America is a nation of 'Sheep', and 'Revolution' is a 'terrorist' word, and not a constructive idea, according to Homeland Security. The 'Sheep' of America will continue to bleat and default to the will of the 50 million 'slugs' on 'Food Stamps'. America is Dead. Long live Cuba.
Lord Howard Hurts

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