Monday, November 3, 2014

President Obama Is A Traitor To The Constitution of The United States of America

The defining aspect of leadership is courage. True leadership is not only having the bravery to ask citizens to follow, but to directly lead into battle. Our Constitution is at the tipping point of it's existence. The Republic is so corrupted that voting for someone for political office is near meaningless. Our two party system of elected leadership has become a party of ONE by virtue of the need to give non working, and non responsible citizens 'Free Stuff'. B.H. Obama ll, our President, rules by selective enforcement of the laws, and at the same time he violates the Constitution in order to transform America into a Communist Nation. And all the while our corrupted Congress, and Supreme Court, refuses to remove this 'Usurper' Marxist. So what can be done?

If the Congress of The United States of America will not protect the Constitution then it is the duty of the U.S. military to remove both The President, The Congress, and The Supreme Court. And to accomplish this mission some current or former military leader needs to gather together a coalition of current and former military officers who will state their grievances to The President, The Congress, The Supreme Court, and All the Citizens of America in writing. This proclamation should have a date of engagement noted in bold script should these grievances not be met. Then on the designated date, should these grievances not be met, this 'military' force should assemble in Washington D.C. and make a citizens arrest of B.H. Obama ll, The Congress, and The Supreme Court. These arrested persons would then be held for trial as Traitors. 

Should this military force be armed? Absolutely not. This is where the real courage and leadership would come into play. But if one knows about Napoleon's return from Elba, one has an idea how this 'bloodless coup' in all probability would play out. Then again, when the grievances are submitted to the various players there is the very real possibility that a march on Washington will not be necessary. 

To return the Constitution to being the 'Law of the Land', 'The Usurper' B.H. Obama ll must be exposed and removed. Always remember: a house is only as strong as its foundation. B.H. Obama's foundation is weak. Where is his birth certificate? Why will he not let anyone go to the vault in Hawaii and verify it? Why will he not let the citizens of America  know his college grades? Why will he not let anyone know why he holds a SS Card from Connecticut? His failure to be transparent, while 'puffing himself' as the most transparent Prescient in American history, is proof that his 'foundation is weak'. 

It is time to face the fact that B.H. Obama ll is a traitor to the Constitution. I believe that if some military man would come forward and publish the grievances against this President, and let them be signed by every military officer who considers himself/herself a Patriot, then this Fraud of a President will, in all probability, remove himself, and the restoration of America can begin in earnest. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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