Saturday, November 15, 2014

London Experiment

Now here is a story, and many think it just made up........but you be the judge. Oh, and here is a little hint that you will need to understand this story if you don't understand English (not American English): In some parts of Britain, words starting with the letter H are pronounced as if the H did not exist. 

I was in London several years ago, and I decided that I would conduct an experiment to find out just what the 'average' Londoner thought about America. I decided that to accomplish my 'mission' I would need to converse with the 'regular' citizens of London. And so I devised that the best way to accomplish this assignment would be to use the regular mode of transportation taken by the working class of citizen. So in moving forward with the project I stood waiting at a bus stop near a corner of Piccadilly Circus....... Haymaker to be exact. 

Well, the day was cold and quite blustery...with rain clouds in the morning sky. And as I waited alone for the bus a very beautiful young woman strolled up, and joined me in the wait. She was a 'looker' for sure. And because of her striking appearance, I could not avoid taking glimpses of her most delicate form. And it seemed that each time I 'peeked' at her.......she would turn and notice my drooling. Well this continued for some time, and frankly I was becoming embarrassed by my barbaric behavior, but I just could not stop looking and drooling. Then suddenly a powerful wind hit us. Neither of us was prepared for this massive rush of cold air. And then, suddenly, this woman's mini skirt was raised, by the forceful wind, to its fullest extent. My stare now became frozen. It was quite apparent that this beautiful woman wore no underwear. And there, exposed to my most inquiring eyes, was the most extraordinary display of pubic hair I had ever seen. It seemed to me that 'Abe Lincoln' was looking at me. My eyes were paralyzed by this raw display of human anatomy. 

Suddenly, this beautiful woman looked at me with hardened disgust as she fought to pull her skirt down. And all during this exposure I also felt the need to be hardened, but being a gentleman I said to her, "Airy isn't it".  And nearly spitting her words at me she said, "what the shit did you expect? Feathers! 

Experiment ended. I caught the next empty cab that came around the circle, and retired to my hotel with 'man hormones' that needed to be quieted.
Lord Howard Hurts

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