Monday, November 17, 2014

America is 'History'

Unfortunately, America is so obsessed with personal safety, pensions, personal equality (regardless of 'talent'), and 'Free Stuff', in general (as long as it is paid by other workers sweat and tears), that our enemy's don't have to do much more than sit calmly, and wait for some moronic decision to come down from the Supreme Court that will demoralize and destroy our ability to have control over this monster we call the Federal Government. 

Today, America and its Constitution is just a footnote to the history of 'Personal Liberty and Freedom of Thought'. 'The Show' is over! It is time for rational Americans to stop working and to stop paying taxes. Electing some RHINO will not even begin to solve our problems. Let the Revolution begin today. Maybe the citizens who follow B.H. Obama, 'The Usurper', will find that there is 'No Cake To Eat'. Maybe they will also find that 'Food Stamps' don't taste that good, or have much nutritional value. 

With 50 million Americans on 'Food Stamps' at this time, 2014, and thousands more signing up each week, it is most doubtful that America will be able to survive till the Presidential elections of 2016. Without a working citizenry in place to keep the economy moving forward, America is 'History'.

Lord Howard Hurts

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