Monday, May 28, 2012

Patriots. Stand Your Ground!

What stupidity! Obama had his birth certificate posted on the Internet for the entire world to view. Then when asked by "Birthers" to view his original certificate, in the vault, in Hawaii, so as to compare these two documents, they are denied and called "Crazy, Toothless, Hillbilly's". Logic tells a reasonable person that the two documents are not the same, meaning that one is a fraud. Wake Up, Patriots! Demand that Romney not debate with Obama until Obama lets doubters view his original birth certificate, his school records, his selective service information, and his passport information. If Romney should refuse to do this, then the Patriots of this nation need to make it known that they will not vote in the Presidential elections of 2012. Let both the Republicans and Romney hear this: Patriots will let Obama win, and deal with it in their own time.  

Lord Howard Hurts  

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