Sunday, May 20, 2012

Note To Tina

Tina. I hope that you are correct....But Israel is in a precarious situation. If they don't do anything, they die. If they do something, they probably will die. The options don't project a "happy ending". Obama is a Marxist and in all probability a Muslim. He has not admitted that he is a Marxist, so why would anyone believe that he would admit that he is a Muslim? When someone lies and deceives, what rational human being would bother to listen to anything that came out of the mouth of that lying deceiver? The answer is: Big Media, Democrats, RINO's, and most Cowardly Americans. Unfortunately this "infamous" group makes up the majority of the voters in America, so you can easily figure the results of the coming 2012 Presidential elections: Obama Wins. Lord Howard Hurts is a realist. He knows what needs to be done. This is why he is sitting in his new "digs" in Costa Rica, and waiting for a call to action. When the call comes, he will answer, but until then, he will continue to be a spectator watching the insanity that presently consumes America. 

Lord Howard Hurts

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