Saturday, May 12, 2012

My New Year Card Revisited

Happy New Year, SUCKER!

Life is just too short to again being bothered with voting. Romney is the chosen one, and the Republican Party is just conditioning you to believe that he is YOUR pick. Remember old Bob Dole? Remember old John McCain? Don't worry, the Republican Party also understands that life is too short, and so is your memory. You can continue to sit on that ratty old couch, watching some scripted reality show while eating burned popcorn with fake butter,  and drinking some warm will still be Romney and Obama. Now will they make it more believable if they give you a choice of: Romney and Condoleezza Rice or Obama and Hillary Clinton? Or do you not only believe in the Tooth Fairy, but you believe that our two party system is composed of two, different, ideologies? Isn't this like betting with a guy who has a two headed half dollar, and he always calls, " lose"? Oh, and please don't think that the other choices you have been given, by the RINO's heading the GOP, are anything more than "second string" professional politicians. We should have a new national motto: "In Harvard We Trust". And until we stop taxing the producers, who provide for all the "loafers", this nation will continue its slide towards destruction...............and it looks to me that 2012 is going to be the "End Of The Ride".

Maybe this will get you thinking and off that couch: "An enterprising BBC reporter---seeking to prove the practicality of electric cars---drove from London to Edinburgh. The journey took four days---longer than a horse-drawn stage would have taken for the trip 150 years ago---including nine stops of up to ten hours. "2011: The Year The Wheels Fell Off", By Jed Babbin

Lord Howard Hurts  January 2012.

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