Friday, February 24, 2017

Separate and Equal Societies

When will the Patriots of America stop pretending that America has an open door for the refugees of the world, and all those who want a better life than the one given to them in their native country? Americans fought for the right of Freedom. And this is the way others who are not satisfied with their situation need to handle their dreams and aspirations.  

The real problem with just letting someone from another country, and culture, to come into America is easily understood by our situation with African Americans. They did not come here of their own Free Will. They were dragged here......and in over almost 150 years of living and learning our English and German culture (the majority of our Founders) they have not as yet completely assimilate into our  mode of culture that is DNA guided. African Americans are also DNA guided, and this is why they mimic the culture of many of the Black dominated countries of Africa without ever having been associated with these cultures in over 400 years. 

DNA is the definer of all living things. And it is high time that the Patriots of America recognize this fact, and think about dividing this nation into separate and equal societies. And so to even think that we can bring refugees from some Arab land here, and that they will as simulate into our English and German culture DNA is pure folly. And please think about this: Once you recognize that life on Earth is just too complex to have been an accident. You understand that there is a Creator. And when there is Creation nothing happens spontaneously. It always happens with a plan. And DNA is proof of a plan by the Creator. DNA is the core of all life on Earth. To deny this is nonsense. We have been granted Free Will, and it is time to use it to make America a more tolerant place. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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