Thursday, October 13, 2016

What if Thomas Edison was alive today

Not only have American's lost their "Moral Compass" they have lost their Spirit. What if Thomas Edison was alive today, and while seeking the right material for the filament for his light bulb, and after checking 100 different materials, he threw up his hands in despair, and instead of continuing his search, he went to his local welfare office to see if there was some government help available? Would the person at this office tell him that he needed to continue his search, and that maybe if he looked long and hard enough he would find the elusive filament and invent the light bulb? No people who work for the welfare department are trained to give as much taxpayer assistance (hard earned tax dollars) as possible to quitters, not give good advice to failing inventors, or persons able to work. This welfare person would sympathize with Thomas about how hard he had been working, and then mention that the stress of his search just might be too much for him, and that he should take advantage of free government training so that he could get into a less stressful career. And when Thomas had no idea about another career he would like to pursue, the welfare person would tell him that there was no reason not to try several courses, or maybe even go to college with the aid of a student loan. And then when Thomas mentioned that he had only a 5th grade education, the welfare person would have "recoiled", and told him that college can come later, but he first must be enrolled in a free high school education program. And then when Thomas mentioned that this free government help is all good and well, but how would he live without a job right "then and now"? The welfare person would laugh and tell him that President Obama had been elected to see that all Americans get a good education and a good job, and that after graduation, if they could not find a job in the greedy private sector, they would be given a government job. And that President Obama would see that he was taken care of during this free government training. This welfare person would then assure Thomas that he would qualify for housing aid, and be able to live in some government housing built just because the greedy private sector charged too much rent. And he/she would tell Thomas that poor people had always been living in the streets without the basic conveniences, and had been starving before President Obama had been elected. And that this was another reason to make sure that Hillary Clinton gets elected in November of 2016. Because she will continue all the programs President Obama has started. This welfare person would also state that Hillary Clinton knows that the greedy private sector charges too much for all their products leaving little money, for the poor, with which to purchase food. She knows that the greedy private sector discriminates against the most needy, and the most vulnerable, citizens of this country, and this is why Hillary is demanding that these rich business owners pay more in taxes. And because Hillary is compassionate, she will see that all Americans have food, regardless if they drink too much alcohol, take drugs, engage in unhealthy habits, or just are too "stressed by life" to work. The social worker would then ask Thomas, " How many children are in your family"? And when he said that he had no children, she would inform him that maybe he would want to start a family because the amount of government help is based on how many children are at risk. She would also inform him that maybe he had nieces or nephews that he called "his own". And she would ask that if he was helping the children of other family members......he could legally put them down as dependents, thus increasing his SNAP (Food Stamps) money. And then suddenly, Thomas would say, "I love this program. There is reward for failure. I am so glad that Hillary Clinton is running for President. I will vote for her because she really cares about America and Americans." The welfare person would then shout out, "Amen", but suddenly look around in hopes that nobody in the office had heard the "shout out" and thought that religion had been mentioned because this would be cause for an immediate firing. So if Thomas Edison was a quitter and lived today we would have no light bulb, and America would be living in the dark.......wait....... maybe America is living in the dark. Oh well, Hillary Clinton and 4 more years of failure. Yea. Yea. Yea. 
Lord Howard Hurts

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