Saturday, October 8, 2016

Say No To Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a miracle medicine that can relieve pain and stress and even cancer. No can do. Patriots of America. This idea that marijuana is medicine is all bunk, and can be proved logically.  How? Well there are over 5 thousand years of recorded history detailing the use of this drug, marijuana. It has been illegal in most countries, and is still illegal in most countries even today, all this time. If this drug, marijuana, was some powerful aid to repair or alleviate pain an suffering, or disease, there would be no resistance to its use after all these many thousands of years. There would be no debate about its effectiveness as its history would clearly show it a proven positive medical wonder. The only thing that marijuana is good at doing is to confuse the mind, and lead the partaker to more powerful mentally destructive drugs. No my friends, marijuana is nothing more than an enticement from the Devil. But let me give you this information as example: We all have heard about Paxil and Prozac the "mood enhancers". They are prescribed by doctors to more than 8% of the American population. Do these medication really work? Well if you believe the drug companies you will believe that not only do they work, but that they are quite safe. Wrong. How could this be true? Well it is easy. If you read all the published data on these drugs you will find these drugs to be most effective, but if you read all the information, published and  unpublished, you will find that these medications work no better than simple sugar tablets. Meaning that maybe the effectiveness of these drugs are due to the same placebo effect that make the sugar tablets effective. And remember the side-effects of sugar tablets are almost zero, whereas the side effects of Paxil and Prozac are both real and severe. Now please understand that the FDA knows that Paxil and Prozac do not perform better than sugar tablets, but the American pharmaceutical industry is politically invested in government, and thus there are many politicians who want to "get in bed" with this industry (money). And just a note here: Saffron, the spice from the flower of the Crocus Sativus, is better equipped to help with issues of weight and depression than either Paxil and Prozac.
Lord Howard Hurts

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  1. I don't know if it's a medicine or not, but what I do know is that when I was in Michigan in 2010 there was a pot store in the town where I attended college and EVERYBODY I knew had pot cards. And I can also say that there isn't anything wrong with any of them. What I sense is the old backdoor!