Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In God We Must Trust

Patriots, if you think that America will survive 8 years of B.H. Obama, and then resume world status as the number one nation in 'Freedom of Thought', and 'Economic Stability', you are dreaming. Even if B.H. Obama, and his Marxist Administration, were to leave office today, it is unlikely that America would be able to avoid the coming Civil War and National Economic Collapse that is heading our way. It is most unfortunate that many American Patriots foster the mistaken idea that a return to a Republican dominated Congress, and White House, will restore our 'Lost Moral Compass', and our 'Economic Strength', that this Marxist, Obama, Administration has buried in 'Rule by Mass Human Want' rather than in the 'Rule by Constitutional Law' that our Forefathers have given us.  

The idea that Republicans want to restore Constitutional Law is pure fantasy based on the unvarnished truth of the first term of George W. Bush (He had a majority in both houses of Congress). George W. Bush may have talked differently than B.H. Obama, but when you measure his actions there is little difference between them in results. This current economic 'House of Cards' has been 80 years in the making, and neither political party, Democratic or Republican, has placed the Constitution as the 'Supreme Law of the Land', and defended it. And it is for this reason that we are now a nation based on the Selective Enforcement of Laws that our Congress has passed, without them even reading the proposed laws before voting on them. 

We now find ourselves in a 'desert' of Misinformation, Corruption, Ethnic Divide, and Economic Instability. And as far as our eyes can see, we have no cohesive view of the Constitutional Structure that turns chaos into an organized society. The only way out of this confusion is by a Constitutional Revolution. It is time for the Patriots of America to immediately take charge of their own Destiny..... or Die. And to help start this Revolution, I propose this simple plan for individual survival. Please read and Think, and please don't think that Donald Trump will actually change matters enough so that this nation will survive. Until Donald Trump says that he, upon being elected President, will fire the Director of the FBI, James Comely, and have investigated for Treason, B.H. Obama ll, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and several of the member of the Supreme Court.......then Donald Trump will prove to be just another Democrat in Republican dress. 

We are now in the greatest economic depression that this nation has ever faced. We are being lied to each and every day by a President, and Administration, that wants to change America into a Marxist Nation. B.H. Obama ll is the poster boy for the reason to close down all universities, and colleges, in America today (When I say 'close down', I mean that no Federal, Taxpayer, money should be spent on any type of advanced education. Let those who want to profit, in life, through an advanced education find the way to accomplish their goal without being a burden on those who choose to work at jobs that require less education. There is no 'Free Lunch'.). These so called schools of advanced education are nothing more than granters of self serving degrees that only 'Parrots', of lofty, liberal, ideas, can gain. One can only learn, from a teacher, what the teacher knows. And if the teacher has ideas and concepts that are Wrong, then any degree awarded will be worthless in the real world. 'Higher Education' comes only from the can not be learned from a teacher. 


The Stock Market is rising, and it is rising for one main reason: Inflation. The Federal Government tells us that stock market prices are rising because the economy is moving forward, and getting stronger. Wrong. The price of most everything is moving upwards and this is mostly due to inflation (the hidden tax). As the price of everything moves higher, it is understandable that stock prices would also move up. All this is being caused by a Federal Reserve that is lending money at unrealistically low interest rates in order to give the allusion of a growing economy; And a Federal Government that 'lends' money to businesses that are deemed to be 'Too Big To Fail'. In order for an economic improvement to begin, the economy must 'tank' so as to purge itself of all the false theories, and businesses, that are now hindering a recovery, and blocking the 'Free Market' system. To help 'tank' the economy, Patriots should 'take their gains' in the stock market and 'cash out'. Then 20% of this money should be invested in physical gold and/or silver, or any durable goods that can be used as 'barter' when the Federal Reserve, paper money, regardless of the numbers printed on it, becomes the value of scrap paper. Furthermore, any money kept in a large national bank needs to be re deposited into a small regional bank. The reason for this is that the large national banks are a major source of economic corruption, and they hinder the free exercise of capital building with the blessing of the Federal Government. These national banks are 'Too Big To Fail' (According to the Federal Government), and it is time that they compete in the 'Free Market' without the aid of the Federal Government, or Close. 

Vote for Donald Trump on November 8.........but don't be under any allusion that he will do what he promises. It is too late and he is the wrong person. By electing Trump we will gain time, and maybe be able to find out own "King David". In God we must trust.
Lord Howard Hurts

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