Thursday, March 5, 2015

Time For American Christians To Start A Revolution

Patriots of America. I love being rich, and being able to spend my time contemplating life, and love, in beautiful Costa Rica. As the  world turns, and Christians are condemned, tortured, and killed.....American Christians wring their collective hands, and wonder which RINO will be less liberal if elected to the Presidency in 2016. The newspaper headlines, and editorials, scream that Obama rules by Royal Decree; that the Congress is corrupt; that there is reason to believe that The Supreme Court is being held hostage by the personal disclosures of certain members lives by shadow socialist; that our Vice President is a 'Fondling Moron'; that General Petraeus is worthy of a 'slap on the hand' for misconduct that deserves jail time or worse; that Hillary "my daughter and I were under fire in Bosnia" Clinton used personal email message services to avoid disclosure of her 'parallel  government'....and will not even receive the 'hand slap' that General Petraeus will get. Yet American Christians are still talking and discussing which RINO will be less 'Royal'. Yawn. Yawn. Let me see. Should I ride my motorcycle up into the mountains, and have a picnic today? Or should I take a walk in the rainforest and study butterly's? Or maybe I should just sit out in the yard with my two dogs, and pick some citrus fruit? I do feel slightly sorry for all you hard working Christian Patriots 'slaving' to make ends meet so that you can continue to ponder which RINO, if elected, will cause the least amount of Constitutional decline. But if you choose to do nothing except to complain, and watch Bill O'Reilly and Fox News, that is your problem.

My  point being that all this corruption, and special privilege, accorded those who have been elected to public office by good, American, Christians, will continue even with the much talked about Republican 'titlewave'. Lets get REAL. Can the world afford another country with an atomic bomb? The answer is No! It is time to take out all the nuclear facilities of Iran, and not tomorrow, but today. But American Christians continue to sit and wait. They sit and wait for the return of Jesus. They pride themselves on playing by rules provided them by the corrupt politicians, Republican and Democrat. Yawn. Yawn. Has any of these faithful given thought to reading the Bible? The answers to all the corruption that plagues America today is found in this one book. It is time to stop taking cues from false prophets such as the current Pope....for example. It is time for American Christians to stop following false prophets, and time to start reading and understanding the true words of the Bible. It is time to stop Iran now. It is time for American Christians to find their own "King David". 
Lord Howard Hurts

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