Monday, March 16, 2015

Hillary "Macbeth" Clinton, President?

Christian Patriots of America. Is it time to continue to sit and wring your hands, and complain, or is it time to start a Revolution? The answer to that question is quite simple. Hillary Clinton is the favorite of the Corporate Corrupters, and the "Food Stamp" crowd. The Corporate Corrupters have paid her their dues, and want her elected President so that they can begin to receive their 'dividends'. The "Food Stamp" crowd want more 'Free Stuff', and they are 50 million strong......making it unlikely for any candidate who advocates following the Constitution, and wants to implement economic reform, to even come close to winning the Presidency in 2016. The only way for there to be a ray of hope in the coming election is for law and logic to prevail, and thus have Hillary "Macbeth" Clinton drop out of the race. Here is the logic for this to happen:

Hillary Clinton is a trained lawyer, and the smartest woman on planet Earth (this must be true as she has never denied this media claim.). She has already admitted that she used a personal email server when working for the Federal Government, and that doing so was not in the legal spirit of government disclosure. She has said that she had her staff sort her emails, and separate her personal communications from her governmental communications. And that she had her staff turn over all governmental communications to be archived as provided by law. Sounds great, but this is akin to having a jury hearing only the facts a prosecution wants explored, denying a Constitutional balance. And as a lawyer, and the smartest woman on planet Earth, Hillary Clinton knows that she can not expect everyone to believe her assessment of what is personal email, and what is governmental email. She has further acknowledged that she had made a mistake by co mingling the two emails together, and she knows that because of this mistake she must turn over all emails so that an impartial tribunal can determine which are personal, and which are governmental. So fundamentally, if Hillary does not turn over all her emails without reservation, it is proof that she not only has something to hide, but that she wants special rules for special people. 

Christian Patriots. If Hillary continues to make silly excuses and continues to blame others for her own personal conduct.....and there is no full disclosure of her emails, the Presidential election's of 2016 are already over. Hillary Clinton is the winner. She will be the next President of The United States of America. 

"God helps those who help themselves." Has not Hillary already shown her true feeling about the Constitution? Start a Revolution by demanding that Hillary Clinton drop out of the 2016 race for the Presidency.
Lord Howard Hurts

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