Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jury Nullification: Constitutional doctrine that allows a citizen the power to balance the dictatorial powers of the corrupt governments

As I sit here in 'Paradise' (Costa Rica) nursing my wounds from my encounter with 'fate', I read today that President Obama and the DOJ have put a hold on the Texas law requiring that potential voters produce a valid photo ID before 'marking' a ballot. This is proof positive that Obama, and his corrupt administration, has taken dictatorial powers, and that they view the Constitution as authority only when it suits their Marxist ideals. The Congress, as usual, 'sits on it's hands', and worries about the definition of slut or whore, while the 'World Burns'. Such nonsense should only exist in 'Wonderland', but alas, it exists in America today, the land of the Cowardly 'Sheep-People'. What are the Patriots and taxpayers of this great nation to do? 

Well the first thing Patriots need to do is to become informed about a Constitutional doctrine that allows a citizen the power to balance the dictatorial powers of the corrupt governments, both State and Federal, that currently run this nation. This doctrine is called: Jury Nullification. Unlike some Patriot organization like the Tea Party, this is a stealth undertaking, and to work effectively, it must remain undercover. Jury Nullification allows juries to acquit defendants who might be technically guilty, but who, "in the eyes of the Patriot", do not deserve punishment. This Nullification does not have to be in concert will all the others on the  jury. One person using Nullification can complicate a decision to the point that a new trial is ordered. This must be a stealth operation as many cities or counties have legislated that a "Juror's Oath" be administered as a way to defuse the legitimate use of this Constitutional remedy to balance government corruption. 

There are two precedents in law that makes Nullification a viable option when corruption by government is uncontrolled: 

1. Prohibition on punishing  jury members for their verdict, and 2. the prohibition on retrying defendants after an acquittal. 

And it must also be noted that any Nullification pertains only to the case in question, but if similar Nullifications should occur, legislatures might take notice, and take action to amend an offending law. Nullification is an important safeguard and might just be the last resort against government tyranny. 

We have a President, B.H. Obama ll, and a Congress that needs to be removed to save this nation and its Constitution. Their offense is Treason, but as they are 'arm in arm' with each other it has become impossible for charges to be brought against either or both. It is becoming clearer, each day, that they will not do their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution of this great Republic. So it is up to the Patriots of this nation to do their duty, and use Jury Nullification, when needed, to awaken the citizenry that without a 'King David', this great American experiment in Freedom will become a footnote in the big book of history. 

Please note: "D.C. Bar Opinion 320" "How a Defense Attorney Can Advocate for Her Client Without Encouraging Jury Nullification"

A lawyer defending a criminal case may zealously advocate for the acquittal of his client using any evidentiary argument for which he has a reasonable good faith basis. Current legal standards strongly disfavor jury nullification and prohibit express exhortations that a jury nullify the law. Accordingly, a lawyer may not, consistent with the rules of professional conduct, expressly urge a jury to disregard the law. Nor may a lawyer disregard a ruling of the tribunal limiting the scope of permissible argument. The legal system continues, however, to permit juries to exercise the power to nullify. "The District of Columbia Bar | 1101 K Street NW, Suite 200."

Stealth is the word.
Lord Howard Hurts

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